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August 01, 2003


Staff Writer

It's Lexington!

See look for the tall, shiny blue glass Fifth Third Bank tower - and the gray Central Bank building.

Don't see it? Wait.

The skyline looks familiar ... the square, glass-domed Humana Building and the red-capped Galt House towers ...

Oops. It's Louisville!

A postcard for sale at the Cracker Barrel in Danville is emblazoned "Lexington, Kentucky" with a picture above that's, well, of the Louisville skyline.


"Boy, don't know how, but those pictures got swapped in the press run," said Wanda McClendon of Pages of Time/Seek Publishing, the company in Millersburg, Tenn., that designed and published the postcard.

Danville Cracker Barrel employees were flabbergasted by the error.

"That's funny. That's hilarious. Can't believe they got it mixed up," said Reed MacLaughlin, a manager.

MacLaughlin said the staff has no control over what is stocked in the country store.

"You know that stuff comes from the home office. We don't pick what it looks like or what's on it," he said.

SeekPublishing is aware of the problem, McClendon said.

"I thought they had got it fixed and got them all," she said.

Jason Riggs, who works in the postcard department at SeekPublishing, said it's a difficult job to design the cards for cities across the country.

"We've done about 4,000 different cards, and so far we've only had three or four mistakes, but we try our best," he said.

SeekPublishing has recalled the postcards. But as of Thursday afternoon, they were still on the postcard rack in Danville.

MacLaughlin said the mistake is pretty obvious when the two distinct skylines are compared.

"Anybody that's seen Lexington knows it doesn't look like that," he said.|8/1/03***

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