US 68

August 01, 2003

Alternate routes

HARRODSBURG - A detour has been set up by the state for people traveling U.S. 68 East between Harrodsburg and Lexington.

Those driving from Harrodsburg toward Lexington must take the following route:

n From Harrodsburg, take Ky. 152 to Burgin.

n At the four-way stop in Burgin, turn left onto Ky. 33 North.

n At the end of 33 across from the entrance to Shakertown, turn right onto U.S. 68 and travel to Lexington as usual.

From Lexington to Harrodsburg:

n Travel on U.S. 68 to the intersection with Shakertown and Ky. 33.

n Turn left onto Ky. 33 across from the entrance to Shakertown.

n Take Ky. 33 to the four-way stop in Burgin.


n Turn left onto Ky. 152 to the Harrodsburg Bypass, across the bypass to Harrodsburg.

Motorists traveling from Harrodsburg to Lexington can bypass all of these changes by taking U.S. 127 N. to the Bluegrass Parkway to Versailles Road into Lexington. Returning to Harrodsburg, take Versailles Road out of Lexington to Bluegrass Parkway to U.S. 127 to Harrodsburg.|8/1/03***

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