Suspected molester in custody

August 01, 2003


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LEXINGTON - A Nicholasville couple was arrested early Thursday morning after police found vast amounts of child pornography in their home.

Police believe that Terry Edward Adkins, 25, sexually assaulted children in Danville, Harrodsburg, Georgetown and Walton during the past two months.

Federal charges have been filed against Adkins and his wife, Jane Adkins, 32, after they admitted to downloading child pornography from the Internet, according to a complaint filed in U.S. District Court Friday.


Investigators expect to find people across the country who have exchanged, sold or bought images with the Adkinses, Gregory Van Tatenhove, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Kentucky, said at a press conference Thursday.

On Wednesday, police searched the Adkins' home and found a computer in a rear bedroom that was on. An icon on the screen led investigators to a folder that contained images of child pornography, according to complaints filed against the couple.

The couple also had photographs in a filing cabinet in the back bedroom.

"This is a day when we begin to bring to justice two individuals who had been preying on innocent, fragile members of our community - children," Van Tatenhove said at a news conference.

Jane Adkins was fired from her job at Arby's on July 26. Terry Adkins drove a community transportation bus that caters to the elderly and disabled, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader.

There were also reports that the couple has acted as babysitters, keeping children in their home.

Police believe that he was responsible for four separate incidents involving prepubescent males and females that were 6 -8 years old.

The first was in Danville at the Boyle County Fairgrounds on July 13. On that same day another prepubescent male was assaulted at the Harrodsburg Library.

Danville Assistant Police Chief Jay Newell said he expects to file a first-degree sodomy charge against Terry Adkins Tuesday and possibly other charges will be filed against Jane Adkins.

Harrodsburg police said it could take a couple of weeks to charge the couple.

Adkins is also believed by police to have assaulted and exposed himself to a girl at a Georgetown library, and abused and attempted to kidnap a girl at the Walton city park in Boone County.

Van Tatenhove said that sketches compiled from the victims information were instrumental in finding the couple. A concerned citizen told police that Adkins looked like the man in the sketches, according to the federal complaint.

Information was obtained from America On Line on the Adkins' account as part of the investigation.

They are facing felony federal charges on child pornography possession.

They were jailed pending arraignment Friday morning in U.S. District Court in Lexington.

Van Tatenhove said charging the couple federally was the fastest route to getting them in police custody.

"We believe we have in custody the predators who committed these crimes," Van Tatenhove said.

Prosecutors said the couple, if convicted, could face between five and 20 years in prison.

Van Tatenhove said he did not believe the couple had any children of their own.

Joe Biesk of The Associated Press contributed to this story. |8/1/03***

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