Kick for Cash returns


August 04, 2003|LARRY VAUGHT

Kicking a 35-yard field goal at the Bob Allen Pigskin Classic won't be worth quite as much as it was last year, but it could still be a profitable 35-yard kick for someone.

Five participants will get a chance to win a $1,000 prize for making the kick during the season-opening bowl games at Admiral Stadium.

Last year, former Lincoln County placekicker Daniel Renner had his name drawn to participate in the Kick-for-Cash Contest. He made the 15-yard qualifying kick during halftime of the first game to win $50. He came back to easily make the 35-yard kick at halftime of the second game to collect a $5,000 prize.

Bowl sponsor Bob Allen Motor Mall decided to keep the contest with a $1,000 prize this year. Anyone can enter by registering at the motor mall or other locations in Danville.


Five contestants will have their names drawn by Bob Allen and Danville football coach Sam Harp on Aug. 15 at about 8 a.m. on WHIR. Those five will have until Aug. 23 to practice.

During halftime of the Garrard County-Dunbar game, the five contestants will have a chance to make a 15-yard field goal. Anyone who makes that kick will receive $100 and qualify to try the 35-yard field goal at halftime of the Danville-Manual game.

If only one person makes the 35-yard kick, he or she will win $1,000. If more than one person makes the 35-yard kick, the $1,000 will be split equally between them.

Several other contestants have come close to making the big-money kick the past two years and those who have their names drawn to participate this year will again have eight days to practice and perfect their kicking style. However, the only way to have a chance to win the Kick-for-Cash is to register by 4 p.m. Aug. 14.

Turner returns: Junior Kelvin Turner, Danville's leading rusher and receiver last year, has decided not to transfer to a school in Tennessee this season. He rejoined the Admirals Friday and will have adequate time to get in his mandatory five practices without pads and 10 in pads to be able to play in Danville's season-opening game Aug. 23 against Manual.

His return certainly bolsters Danville's pick as the preseason No. 1 in Class A because not only should he be one of the area's best offensive players, he's already started two years on defense for the Admirals.

Harp did not want to discuss why Turner decided to rejoin the Admirals.

"He's a good kid, and I'm just glad to have him back," Harp said.

Changing colors: Those who ran in the annual E.G. Plummer Run Saturday might have noticed one difference on their race T-shirt. Or they may not have paid attention to the subtle change Plummer made.

The former Danville track and cross country coach is always pictured on the front of the shirt wearing his traditional hat, which has Mrs. P written on it in honor of his late wife. However, on this year's race shirt, Plummer has on a gold shirt.

It seems former Boyle County runner Daniel Morgan had told Plummer that it was difficult for him to wear a Danville-based race T-shirt around his Boyle friends. To show his appreciation for Morgan and his family always running in his race, which benefits the Danville cross country team, Plummer put himself in a gold shirt this year.

Unfortunately, Morgan and his family were out of town last weekend and missed the race. Here's hoping someone makes sure that Morgan gets one of these special T-shirts and that others who have them realize the good thought Plummer had in mind for this year's race.

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