Stanford rejects zone change for townhomes

August 08, 2003|EMILY BURTON

STANFORD - Danville Avenue residents will not see multi-family homes built in their neighborhood, Stanford City Council decided Thursday.

The council heard a request by Darryl Day, attorney for the Planning and Zoning Board, on behalf of Ron and Aggie Patterson, to rezone their residential property at 627 Danville Ave., from R-1 to R-3. R-1 allows for a single-family residence. R-3 would allow the land to be used for multi-family residences.

P&Z had recommended the council deny the request.

"We felt that going from a R-1 to a R-3 was a drastic, drastic change," said Mike Godbey, P&Z chairman.

Godbey said that, while traffic was not a concern of the P&Z when making its recommendation, it was a major concern for several residents of the area. More than 30 residents had signed a petition against the rezoning.

According to Day, the Pattersons were looking at the possibility of selling a developer their land, which could house about seven six-plexes. Currently, about three percent of Stanford is zoned for multi-family housing.


"I'm talking about townhomes, something nice," said Mrs. Patterson. The new homes would neighbor the Stanford Veterinary Clinic and be within one mile of Stanford Elementary School.

"Any building that went in there, there would be a sidewalk there in front, so kids could walk right to school," said Mr. Patterson.

Council member Geneva Owens supported the rezoning, due to the property's location.

"If there was a house beside them, instead of all these businesses, I'd be against it," said Owens.

"Normally I wouldn't go against their beliefs, but in this case, I think the property is worthy of a change," said Council member Jayme Phillips.

Mrs. Patterson said she was disappointed with the ruling and did not know if she and her husband would file another rezoning request.

"We would have accepted an R-2, but I don't know if we want to go through all that again," said Mrs. Patterson.

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