Bush knows two things - war and more war

August 08, 2003

Dear Editor:

To begin with, I hope that no one will misconstrue what I say in this letter. Upfront and first of all, I wish it to be known that I support our troops all around the world. I am a military veteran of the Vietnam era myself. Troops only follow orders. But I want my voice heard loud and clear, in that I do not and cannot support the Bush policies.

I have seen presidents come and go since Harry Truman, and this present one is, in my opinion, the absolute worst. I think he is dangerous and egotistical.

I supported Mr. Bush when he sent our troops into the Afghan war. I felt it was justified to do so, but he hasn't stopped there. He has us spread much too thin, all over the world, and there is no end in sight. This scares me. I see shadows of another Vietnam with this Iraq war, and that war is not over by a long shot. Our troops are still being killed day in and day out.


Bush has lied to the American people and to our troops, but people seem all too ready to accept his lies. Why they do is past all understanding to me. I would beg to ask just one question and to receive a reasonable answer. I would like to know one, just one, good thing that Bush has done for this country.

In my opinion, Mr. Bush is not even legally the president. He was not elected by the people. He was handed the office by a much too conservative U.S. Supreme Court and by brother Jeb in Florida, and I much agree that we are in dire need of a "regime" change in this country. What gives Bush the right to force his will upon the world?

I know that many will disagree with me, and that is their right to do so. But I also have my rights and opinion. There were, and are, no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq - at least none for us to worry about. Bush went into Iraq as a pure revenge act from a decade past. He knows two things: war and more war. All I can say is, God help us.

Roger Bowman


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