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August 09, 2003

Parade to honor service men and women:

"Celebrating American Heroes" will be observed Sept. 6 in Danville.

A parade is planned in conjunction with a day-long celebration of those who have served in the military, from the Civil War to the present.

Service men and women, veterans, former prisoners of war, military groups from all eras, re-enactors, families of servicemen currently overseas and anyone involved in serving our country are encouraged to participate in the parade at 10:30 a.m.

Call the Heart of Danville office at (859)236-19091 for more information or to be included in the event.

Sparks reunion is Aug. 16:

The annual Sparks reunion will be at noon Aug. 16 at Logan-Hubble Memorial Park off U.S. 27 between Stanford and Lancaster. For more information, call (606) 365-3102.


Mustard vapor leak detected at depot:

RICHMOND (AP) - A leak of mustard vapor from a projectile stored at Blue Grass Army Depot poses no risk to the public, depot officials say.

During routine monitoring of the depot's chemical stockpile on Wednesday, workers detected the leak from the projectile. The projectiles are contained in storage igloos, and the air inside the igloo is filtered and does not escape from the igloo, said Blue Grass Chemical Activity spokesman Richard Sloan.

"We have never detected a leak outside an igloo," Sloan said. "We always catch it at extremely low levels inside the igloo. That's why we have such vigorous monitoring of these chemicals."

A similar leak in the same igloo was discovered in January. Officials said the air inside the igloo would be continuously filtered until workers could enter the igloo to find the source of the leak.

Mustard, a blister agent, has been stored at the depot since 1944.


Boyle County Board of Education -7 p.m. Thursday at the Boyle County High School library to hold a working session on school taxes. The date of the meeting was incorrect in Thursday's paper.

Danville Beautification Commission - 3 p.m. Tuesday at city hall to discuss plant selection for 2004.|8/8/03***

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