Danville police officer injured in scuffle

August 11, 2003|PHIL PENDLETON

A Danville police officer was injured Thursday when he tried to arrest a man wanted on drug charges at police headquarters on Main Street.

Assistant Chief Jay Newell said the suspect, Marshall Anthony "Tony" Crawford, 38, of Danville was at police headquarters around 4 p.m. Thursday when officers recognized him and attempted to arrest him based on a recent indictment. Newell said Crawford fled when officers approached him.

"He figured something was up and ran," said Newell.

Newell said officers, grabbing at Crawford, were only successful in getting fists of clothing, some of which came off.

"(Crawford) lost his shirt and both shoes," said Newell.

Captain Troy Davidson, while trying to subdue Crawford, was knocked into a table in the fire department bay, said Newell. "He was bouncing people off tables," said Newell. "We would grab him, then he would pull away," he said.

Davidson was taken to the emergency room at Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center where he received several stitches, Newell said.


Officers gave chase to Crawford and Officer Jamie Ferrie caught up with him on Walnut Street. Officer Ferrie called for help and Newell said it took three officers to finally bring Crawford down. Ferrie subdued Crawford with pepper spray, he said.

Crawford was taken to the Boyle County Detention Center where he is being held on charges of trafficking in a controlled substance, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. He is under a $20,000/$200 bond.

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