Stanford library board declines grant

August 11, 2003

STANFORD - Members of the Harvey Helm Memorial Library board voted against the invitation from Kentucky Renaissance to apply for a $250,000 grant and a building site behind First Southern National Bank, in the hopes of constructing a larger facility elsewhere.

"We are already behind as far as the minimum requirements for the size of the library, that five years down the road, there really is not enough room to grow in that space," said Kay Peppard, Director of the Harvey Helm Memorial Library.

The library board voted on the grant application on Aug. 4, but the outcome of the vote was unclear, as no roll-call vote was taken. The board met again on Aug. 7 to take a roll-call vote, and the application was voted down.

"It has pitted a lot of good people against each other," said Peppard. "But in my opinion, what the library board was thinking of was what was best for the future of library."


The Stanford Main Street Program had offered to apply for the grant for the library, which is more than 30 years old.

Peppard said some members felt that completing the grant by Aug. 29, which has to include specific project plans, would rush a library project too quickly, not allowing for ample research and planning while narrowing their options in the future.

Currently, the library has a one-year option on two acres of land in Wilderness Estates. The option originally cost $80,000, but the developers donated $30,000 toward the cost for the library.

Contrary to previous reports, menbers of the library board said they are still open to other location suggestions. The current property option will not expire until early next summer.

"The doors are still open until we finalize that purchase," said Peppard.

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