The best of the 2002 football season

August 11, 2003|JILL ERWIN

Once again, I got to rate random things at high school football games. But this time, they were things that affected everyone, not just those that pig out on chili dogs like when I rated the area concession stands during the 2001 season.

From announcers to programs to gate crews to parking, these are the things that can make a good night even better or make a bad night even worse based on what I saw in 2002.

Best sign

1. "Check out our Rock collection," Boyle County

Seen at the Class AAA state championship game last year, Boyle fans tied in the Rebels' growing jewelry collection with a dig at Rockcastle County. A beautiful piece of work. And obviously something that took time and effort.

2. "Three-time defending state champions...That's what I'm talking about!" Boyle County

The pride Rebels fans had in their team was undeniable. This sign summed it all up, and was a constant on the back row at Boyle games last year. I hope it makes a repeat, and updated, appearance next year.


3. "We'll turn your Rock into pebbles," Boyle County

Again from the state championship game, Boyle fans did their homework and made a good showing.

P.S. You will notice all the signs came from Boyle County. That's because I didn't see a sign at another area football game all year. Where is all the creativity, people?

Best P.A. announcer

1. Roger Miller, Garrard County

During a rain and lightning storm last year, Miller made sure to announce the safety procedures to everyone in attendance. He also kept everyone abreast of the latest weather information. Sometimes, it's about more than football.

2. Baker Williams, Danville

Does an excellent job calling the yardage and keeps it all straight. Somehow that quality has become extremely underrated.

3. A host of announcers, Lincoln County

Variety made the day at Lincoln, where people rotated in and out of the announcer's chair. The changes kept things lively, and the announcers were always on the ball.

Best parking

1. Boyle County

The parking lot is big enough to fit most of the Rebels' fans, and it's close to the field and the main gate. It's the best of the local options.

2. Garrard County

Also a good-sized parking lot. I've never had a problem finding a spot in the main lot at a Garrard game.

3. Lincoln County

It's a very spread-out lot, but it's all paved, which puts it just barely ahead of Danville.

Friendliest gate crew

1. Lincoln County

The people working the Patriots' gate are always friendly, and do their job well. Last year, during the Death Valley Bowl, I left my press ID in the car, and they wouldn't let me in without it. I'd rather walk back to my car to get it than know that just anyone can walk in for free.

2. Danville

Smiles and good cheer abound at Danville, from the ticket booth to the people taking the tickets.

3. Mercer County

Regardless of which gate you enter, the gate-workers are helpful and kind. I've never seen a frown on their faces.

Best souvenirs

1. Casey County

Everything from seat cushions to cowbells to shirts and more is available, and recent football success has translated into good money from souvenirs.

Best program

1. (tie) Boyle County and Danville

Easily the most comprehensive of all the area programs. Each also features the school's other sports, including at least a team picture. Boyle gets bonus points for running information on each senior, but Danville has loads of historical football information.

3. Casey County

A full color front, two pages of comments from head coach Andy Stephens and plenty of candids of the Rebels' players off the field make this a fun program. However, Casey and other area schools need to ensure that the other team's roster is available. Fans like to know who is on the field on both sides.

Best cheer

1. The rumble, Boyle County, Danville and Harrodsburg

The rumble is fun. It's catchy. And it's guaranteed to get stuck in my head for days. Just ask Herb Brock.

2. "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, the countdown has just begun," Garrard County

The cheerleaders count down to kickoff with this cheer. Good times, good times.

3. "We are the Hogs," Harrodsburg

The Pioneers earn a second slot on this rankings list based on the power of the chant. The cheerleaders join with the pep band to make noise and cheer on the players.

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