Casey to survey site for new school

August 12, 2003|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

LIBERTY - A 40-acre tract on Ky. 70 East that will be the site for a new $6.5 million elementary school in eastern Casey County is being surveyed, Don Sweeney, chairman of the county Board of Education, announced Monday.

The school board has agreed to pay Lina Wells $275,000 for the land where a new school will house more than 500 students from Middleburg and Garrett elementary schools.

Construction is scheduled to begin later this year and be finished by the 2005-2006 school year.

Sweeney said a rough draft of the purchase contract is being refined and should be ready for signing by the end of this week. Board attorney Winter Huff also has started work on the title search.

Superintendent Linda Hatter said the renovation project at Casey Middle School also is moving along.

A new heating and air conditioning system will be installed at the school.

A pre-bid meeting is scheduled Aug. 21 at the middle school to allow contractors to view the school, according to Architect Larry Schwering of Lexington.


Bids will be received at 2 p.m. Aug. 29, and a bond sale to finance the project is set for Sept. 16.

In other matters, the board approved the financial report by Deena Randolph, treasurer, who said finances are in good shape.

She said that cash is up $700,000 this year and the general fund balance is $2.9 million, the same as last year. The board had a $2.3 million carryover or $500,320 more than the previous year, 12.6 percent of the total budget.

She also said the auditor has started work on the finances and that she has not heard anything from the state Department of Education on how much money will be received from the state.


Garrett Elementary School won the annual attendance banner.

Principal Joyce Goodlett accepted the banner from Dale Wilson, director of pupil personnel.

Wilson said Garrett had an above average last year with a 96.47 percent attendance. He commended the school personnel, students and teachers for keeping attendance up.

"It takes all the community to do this," Wilson said.

Garrett Elementary has won the banner for the past two years and has shared the honor with Middleburg Elementary. Garrett was the only county school that had 96 percent attendance, Wilson said. Thirty-three of the 147 students at Garrett had perfect attendance last year.

Attendance percentages in all Casey schools last year compared with the 2001-2002 year are:

Casey County High, 91.42 and 92.14 percent; middle school, 93.10 and 93.75; Douglas Elementary, 94.42 and 94.82; Garrett Elementary, 96.47 and 96.67; Liberty, 94.73 and 95.25; Middleburg, 95.42 and 95.19; Phelps, 95.15 and 94.99; and Phillips Elementary, 94.92 and 94.91.

The district average was 93.72 percent for 2002-2003 and 94.16 percent the previous year.

Wilson said Casey's dropout rate, which has improved in the past couple of years, is 3.4 percent. He credited Casey County Academy which has classes for those who need more help than they get in regular classes. Wilson said eight seniors from the academy graduated.

Casey had 21 dropouts last year compared to 22 the previous year. Two dropped out to get married, 10 for failing classes, eight for boredom and one for pregnancy.

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