Old Bridge Golf Club seeks liquor option

August 14, 2003|LIZ MAPLES

Voters in the Lexington Road precinct will decide Dec. 23 on whether Old Bridge Golf Club can sell alcohol.

A petition with 145 signatures was submitted and approved by the Boyle County Clerk's office. The election date was set by Judge-Executive Tony Wilder.

The golf course would not be under the same restrictions as restaurants. For example, the course would not have to derive 70 percent of its revenue from food.

The law says that such local options were created to "promote economic development and tourism."

Because the 18-hole golf course is outside Danville city limits, where there is no liquor-by-the-drink, it would be the only business in that precinct able to get a license to sell alcohol.


State law also restricts the date of the election. The only available dates were Dec. 23 or Dec. 30. It could not have been held within 30 days of the Nov. 4 regular election, not within the first 60 days of the petition's filing and no later than 90 days, and it had to be on a Tuesday.

Wilder said that he was advised by the county clerk and county attorney that more people would participate in the election on Dec. 23.

The polling place is Lexington Avenue Christian Church. Two precincts vote there, but only those registered in precinct No. 15 D102 will vote in the local option.

Only precincts in Boyle County with 18-hole or 9-hole courses that meet United States Golf Association criteria as regulation golf courses are eligible for consideration of a local option.

Danville Country Club, which is inside the city limits, has no intentions of filing for a liquor license, according to management there.

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