Around Town: A child makes a gift of love

August 17, 2003|ANNABEL GIRARD

A back-to-school hair cut ending up being a gift of love to other children.

Tanner Estes, daughter of Amber and Darrell Estes, became a first grader at Hogsett Elementary School last week. The first major event was getting her 30-inch long hair ready for school. Her hair had never been cut and all in the family agreed it was time for a trim, but at first that's all it was going to be. A trim to even up the ends.

When Tanner walked out, her hair was 10 inches shorter and she was floating on air. The hair was enough for two wigs through the Locks of Love program, which provides hairpieces for children who have become bald. "I wanted to give it to somebody," she said.

Tanner heard about the Locks of Love program through programs several years ago, she said. A check with Great Clips found that 10 inches of hair was needed and two wigs could be made from that. After the hair was measured off and marked with a band, Tanner's mother was allowed to made the first cut of her daughter's hair.


It was an emotional experience. "There were tears in my eyes, not because it was her first haircut, but because she wanted to do this."

There was some discussion before the final decision was made at the beauty shop. After listening to the details, Tanner said, "Let's just do it." A certificate goes with the hair and the one that left Danville last week was signed "Love, Tanner Estes."

Time had no bearing for Tanner. She had checked the Web site and seen before and after pictures of children who had received wigs. She told her mom, "I so glad when they go to school tomorrow they will not have bald heads."

Great Clips corporate headquarters has asked for before and after pictures of Tanner for its monthly newsletter.

Henson bringing her comedy routine to her hometown

Holly Henson has been a performer for some time, but she admits that she will be a little nervous on Aug. 29 and 30, when she gives her first performance of her comedy routine in her hometown.

While Henson has been returning during the summers to help at her parents' Pioneer Playhouse, her real career is on the stage doing a one-woman comedy routine. She has gotten as close as The Comedy Club in Lexington, but there were more strangers than familiar faces in the crowd.

"I'm extremely nervous. I'm second guessing my decision," she said with a laugh.

Each show starts at 8:30 p.m. and tickets are available at the box office at Pioneer Playhouse.

Pet Peeve

"Danville is a beautiful place to walk," these readers said.

That was followed by "except ... ."

Those walks give them an up close and personal view of the sidewalks. "Some places have so much grass growing from the sides they have a path for one person instead of two or three. Some have let their hedges lean over the sidewalk. If they have poison ivy in them, watch out!"

So these walkers advise those with sidewalks to take a short stroll along theirs to find out what walkers have to contend with. It can range from sidewalks covered with slippery, wet leaves or sidewalks that are broken and uneven.

"We've got a beautiful town to walk in - if it was just a little safer."

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