McCoy wants to play more at Morehead

August 17, 2003|MIKE MARSEE

Just because Casey McCoy didn't play for Boyle County last season, that doesn't mean he didn't get to play in a championship game.

Now McCoy hopes to carve out even more playing time on a Morehead State team that has put itself in position to play for titles on a regular basis.

The sophomore fullback is happy that he didn't have to sit out his first year in college, but he said he'll be even happier if he's playing more often this fall.

"Hopefully I'll get a little more playing time," he said. "The starting fullback last year graduated, and there's four of us in line right now. We were all pretty much fighting for the position in spring ball, and we'll see how it goes in camp."


McCoy played only sparingly at fullback last season - "I got a couple of reps" - but he was on the field for most of Morehead's special teams plays.

"I was mostly on kickoffs or kick returns," he said. "I got to play most all the time on special teams.

"I didn't have to redshirt or have to sit the bench my first year, so that was pretty good."

McCoy played in 10 of Morehead's 12 games, but he had only five rushes for 10 yards. McCoy was in the second line on kickoff returns, and he had two returns last fall. He returned the first kickoff of the season in the Eagles' season opener last year, and he was proud of the fact that he took the ball 12 yards upfield before being tackled.

McCoy became accustomed to playing for championships during his days at Boyle, where he earned state championship rings in his last three seasons. His string of title games was extended when Morehead played Dayton in the Pioneer League championship game.

The Eagles tied a school record for wins - they finished 9-3 - to earn a berth in the title game for the Division I-AA non-scholarship conference.

"That was a big plus when we got to go to play in the championship game," he said. "That's right where I've been used to playing."

The Eagles lost that game 28-0, and they lost their regular-season finale to Dayton in their previous game. But the chance for revenge comes right away, as Morehead opens the season at home against Dayton on Sept. 6.

"We should've won the Pioneer League championship, but we came up short," he said. "We'd kind of like to pay them back a little bit."

McCoy will be ready to do his part. He weighs in at 210 pounds, having added 25 pounds to his 5-11 frame since finishing his senior season at Boyle.

And with a year under his belt, he said he is better adjusted to what he said is the biggest difference between high school and college football.

"It's the speed of it," he said. "It was a lot faster, and there's a lot bigger guys in certain spots. Everybody's going full speed up there."

McCoy said he worked on speed and footwork this summer, spending a lot of time jumping rope and doing other agility drills.

He also ran and lifted weights after days spent working for his father's construction company.

He had a workout partner who is with him at Morehead. Justin Nichols, a teammate of McCoy's at Boyle, transferred to Morehead after spending a season as a walk-on snapper at Louisville in hopes of playing defense as well as long snapping for the Eagles.

"Justin will be a good one to have around," McCoy said.

McCoy said that when Nichols called to ask his advice, he told Nichols that Morehead would be a good place for him.

"He called me and was asking me how it was, and I told him how I felt about it. I guess he liked it," McCoy said.

McCoy makes it clear that he likes it just fine.

"I'm just happy with where I picked to go to school," he said. "I'm getting a good education, and I worried about how I'd fit in, but I fit in just fine up there.

"There's definitely no regrets."

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