August 18, 2003

His sister, a physical education teacher, contributed the most to his athletic ability. "She was standing me up and having me kick a soccer ball with my feet," Abney said.

He would eventually like to be involved in politics and is a "news junkie" who loves reading current events and history.

His fastest time in the 40-yard dash is 4.31 seconds. He also managed to do 12 reptitions of 295 pounds on the bench press this summer.

He loves playing strategy games on the computer. "Me and my buddy back home in Wisconsin, sometimes we'll go eight hours playing a game in the summer. A lot of times I won't buy a computer game because I get so engrossed in it."


He likes all types of music. "I will listen to anything and everything," Abney said.

He says his favorite food is eating lobster at Red Lobster. However, his parents have a different story. "Cracker Barrel is his favorite place down here," said Larry Abney. "He eats the same thing - country ham plate with green beans, hashbrown casserole and a root beer. But at home, he would prefer a pork chop over anything."

Abney never crawled. Instead, he rolled to get where he wanted to go until he stood up and walked when he was about 7 months old.

Before he could read, Abney could put together Lego structures. "I would have to read the directions and would still have trouble, but he could look at the picture and tell how something could work way before he could ever read," Larry Abney said.

When he finishes his playing career, he wants to live in


He learned to tie his shoes while he was in preschool. "Me and the teacher were the only ones who could tie shoes," he said.|8/12/03***

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