East Casey to add 50 miles of water lines

August 18, 2003|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

LIBERTY - People left high and dry when the initial water lines were constructed in various sections of Casey County will have a second chance.

The East Casey County Water District is preparing to extend 50 miles of water lines on a number of side roads, said Andy Greynolds, manager.

Bids for a project that will include sections of Ky. 906, U.S. 127 North, Patsy Riffe Ridge and the Mill Dam Road will be advertised later this month. After contracts are let, construction is expected to begin in 90 days. Before construction begins, the project has to go before the Public Service Commission for review, which usually takes 60 days.

Bill Shott, engineer with Kenvirons in Frankfort, said weather will not stop construction but may slow it down during the winter. He also said that all easements have to have a clear title before funding will be approved.


Greynolds said residents on some roads already have water and he wants to do the others while the water level is low.

The $1.7 million East Casey County Water Expansion Project will provide water lines on 24 roads that were passed up when earlier lines were constructed. The money will come from Appalachian Regional Commission, Rural Development and Environmental Protection Agency will provide 50 percent of the project cost with the other half coming from the water district.

Thomas Ridge Road is one of the most concentrated areas and Mill Dam Road at Middleburg also is included in the project.

"We've still got about 70 more roads where people would like water," Greynolds said. He said more grant money will be sought for those extensions.

When all the extensions have been made, Greynolds said it will double the amount of water purchased daily from Liberty and Russell Springs. East Casey Water District currently buys 400,000 gallons of water from the city of Liberty, and 30,000 gallons from the Russell County water district.

Greynolds also said properties on Patsy Riffe Ridge, Coffman's Branch Road at Rocky Ford and Peytons Ridge (Snake Ridge Road) for new pump stations have been donated to the water district.

More than 300 customers will be included in the current expansion project, and another 250 will be added on in the next project. A $750,000 grant from the tobacco settlement funds with a $750,000 local match will finance the next project.

Some of the roads to be served are Halon Young, Rayborn Creek, Woods Creek, Dry Fork, Dog Trot and Huff, and a half mile from Ky. 910 to the county line.

Shott said one project has to be completed before another one begins.

Greynolds said since 1979, between 350-400 miles of new water lines have been constructed and serves about 3,100 customers. The project began in the Middleburg-Yosemite communities, then spread to Dunnville. New lines are being extended in more sections of the county, and Greynolds wants to cover the entire county eventually.

Besides the construction project, the water district is planning to move into its new facility on U.S. 127 South from its Shugars Hill Road location. Greynolds said once the blacktop is finished and furniture is in place, the move will begin in a couple of weeks. Purcells of Campbellsville got a $6,641 contract for furniture.

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