August 18, 2003

Ten things you might not know about Jared Lorenzen:

1.If he wasn't playing football, he would be a golfer. "I absolutely love it, but I'm not very good at it. Everything goes right or left. There's no such thing as a best club in my golf bag." That attitude is why he says he's addicted to playing "Tiger Woods" on his Playstation.

2.His main non-sports hobby is collecting shot glasses. "Everywhere I go, I collect shot glasses and my aunt, who travels a lot, brings them to me. I have most of them stacked away in boxes. You can't put too many of them out."

3.He always has his tongue out in pictures and has no idea why.

4.He bites his fingernails during every game because he gets nervous.

5.He's worn a rubber band on his left wrist at all times, something he started because former UK quarterback Tim Couch wore one. "I feel naked without it. If I don't have a thick rubber band on, I feel weird," Lorenzen said.


6.The longest run he's ever made came at Fort Thomas Highlands High School when coach Dale Mueller took players who he thought needed to be in great shape on a training run. "I love coach Mueller, but he's a little weird. He used to run mini-marathons (13.1 miles) for fun. He told us to just follow him one day and we ended up doing a 5-mile run," Lorenzen said.

7.He has to special-order sandals to fit his size 16 foot. He also wears a 7 3/8 hat, big by most standards but small compared to the size 8 his grandfather wears.

8.He also likes to collect hats. "I only wear two, but I have a lot of them," Lorenzen said.

9.He started wearing a sleeve on his arm because it was cold at practice one day three years ago. When he was dared to wear one in a game, he did. Later he also had managers dye a sleeve blue so he could always have one to match his uniform.

10.He doesn't have a favorite restaurant. "I like all food. I don't discriminate. Just name any three that you want as long as it is not Chinese. I just eat wherever I go and like almost all restaurants," Lorenzen said.|None***

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