Stanford to install period lighting on Main Street

August 18, 2003|EMILY BURTON

STANFORD - The city will allow the state to manage the bidding of new light poles, part of the year-long renovations taking place on Main Street.

"That may save us some money, and hopefully (the poles) will match," said Mayor Eddie Carter.

Stanford is trying to move streetside utilities to the rear of buildings on the south side of Main Street.

However, the Lexington ice storm caused delays in the utility relocation, pulling Kentucky Utilities workers off the job for weeks and pushing back the completion date to next summer.

The city has prepaid for the work. "We've already spent $251,933.56 for the relocation," said Carter.

"The majority is KU electric and Bell South telephone relocation."

"The utilities are being relocated on the south side of Main Street, behind the buildings, and the city will be installing period lighting for a historical appearance," said Walter Bowman, Main Street project engineer.


"Coupled with that will be the replacement of sidewalks that are badly deteriorating."

The project calls for line suspension traffic lights to be placed on curbside poles. Since all of the poles on Main Street are to be replaced, the state has taken over the bidding in order to assure both types of poles match.

Bowman doesn't expect the poles to be delivered until January or February, pushing the expected completion date back to next spring.

The city received a $200,000 transportation enhancement grant through Renaissance Kentucky to cover the cost of light fixtures and labor, and matched it with the required $50,000.

The Department of Transportation will repave Main Street when the project is complete.

"(The relocation) is just taking longer than expected," said Carter.

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