UK fans best in the world

August 18, 2003|MARY JO PERINO

When I first moved to Kentucky, I had no idea what I was in for.

Sure, I'd been a sports reporter in Indiana, went to college at a Big 12 school (Missouri) and grew up following the Vikings, Twins and Timberwolves. But from the moment I pulled my U-Haul into Lexington, I knew I was in for a wild ride.

Kentucky fans are the most rabid, loyal supporters I have ever come across. That's what makes it so fun, and I'm sure for the coaches, at times a bit frustrating. They want to win. Bad! But win or lose, UK fans will be there.

Few states don't have big pro teams to follow. Kentucky being one of them, UK is everything. How cool is that? How amazing for the players fortunate enough to come here to have support like that? It truly is a great place for die-hard sports fans.


As I approach my second season of football in the Bluegrass, I have taken some time to reflect. I have always loved football. Always. But Kentucky fans have shown this Minnesota girl the true meaning of that.

So, as we embark on another exciting year of UK football, I'd like to share with you my Top 10 list of the best things about Kentucky football.

10. There's always a chance you might run into a Backstreet Boy in the press box (this actually should be No. 1).

9. The Florida Gators have to come to Commonwealth this time around. We all saw what happened to the No. 1 Gators when they came to Rupp Arena last year.

8. I may have a few extra pounds on me, but that's never stopped me from pursuing my dreams. Thanks Jared.

7. Free ice cream bars in the press box! (see No. 8)

6. Buff guys in tight pants. Need I say more?

5. This year, we are bowl bound, and this time the NCAA can't stop us!

4. A Wildcat can take on a Cardinal any day of the week and twice on Sunday (last year and this year).

3. If UK is playing at home, that means I'm not running the stairs with LEX 18 sports videographer Greg "Punk" Gorham (I don't know how I get talked into doing that!).

2. I have never seen anyone do one-arm push-ups like the Wildcat. Let's put another 77 on the board!

1. True Blue Fans are obnoxious, loud and crude. So am I... and I wouldn't have it any other way. True Blue Fans are the best in the world!

I am looking forward to another fantastic football season in Kentucky. Go get 'em CATS!

Mary Jo Perino is a sports reporter and weekend sports anchor for WLEX-TV in Lexington.

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