Rigney gets in the spirit as Boyle's volleyball captain

August 18, 2003|JILL ERWIN

Emily Rigney bounded around the court, slapping high-fives with each of her five starting teammates and whooping it up Thursday.

Her Boyle County volleyball team was in the middle of a game, and Rigney was doing what she does best - getting people excited.

"I love being captain," the senior said. "I like to keep people up. I go around and give people fives before the game. All through the game I try to keep everybody up."

"She's very good at keeping the team pumped up," Boyle coach Dana Stigall said. "She won the spirit award last year because she's always positive. She tries to get everybody focused. She's high energy. She's the one that's bouncing around from player to player when the game first starts, hitting their hands and getting them fired up about everything."


She's done a good job this far. The Rebels are 2-1 after one week, and with four seniors and several talented underclassmen, things look to be getting better for Boyle.

"I think we have a really good shot at the region," Rigney said. "I have confidence in us. (The younger players) are really stepping up and it's great to have them. It doesn't matter that they're young. They play at the same level that we do. You can't really tell an age difference between us, I don't think."

Stigall said Rigney has made every effort to make this season a successful one. Stigall said she worked extremely hard in the offseason to improve herself, and came into this season ready to go out on a winning note.

"She is the most dedicated player that I've ever seen," Stigall said. "I couldn't ask her to do anything more than she does. She has gotten so much faster and she's working on everything. She has good skills all the way around."

Stigall said Rigney is interested in playing volleyball at the college level and has visited Milligan College.

But Rigney's focus is completely on this year. The rules have changed at the high school level, and the new rally scoring will help teams that get their serves in.

Rigney said that new style suits the Rebels

"I think it will help us," Rigney said. "We're a strong serving team. We can get our serves in, so it's really on our side. I love rally scoring."

Rigney's two strengths, according to her, are her serving and her passing. She said passing will be key for Boyle's future success this season, and that she thinks it's coming along well.

However, Rigney also knows she has things to work on. As one of the shortest members on a short Rebels team, she said she will continue to try to improve.

"I could definitely work on my leg strength so I can block," Rigney said.

The Rebels will be able to weigh themselves against some stout competition in tournaments this year. Boyle will play in the Bluegrass Invitational Tournament at the Kentucky Basketball Academy in Lexington, in the Seneca Invitational in Louisville and also in the Lafayette Tournament in Lexington.

"It will only make us stronger if we play stronger teams," Rigney said. "When we play weaker teams, we tend to play down at their level. Having strong teams around us will make us play up as well."

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