Casey 4-H horse show draws 200 entries

another planned

August 19, 2003

LIBERTY - The Casey County 4-H Fun Horse Show drew more than 200 entries Aug. 9, according to Jan Atwood, county 4-H agent. Another show is planned for 4 p.m. Sept. 20 at the 4-H Horse Arena.

Champions of the show this month are listed in first through third place:

Racking Horse: Caleb Wilson, Somerset; Josh Wilson, Somerset; Don Ratliff, Lancaster. Western Horse: Barb Dawson, Liberty; Jeff Dawson, Liberty; Lisa Phillips, Liberty. Country Pleasure: Ashley Burton, Columbia; Steve Richardson, Russell Springs; Roy Mofield.

Other classes, listed by first through third place, respectively:

Youth Western Pleasure: Jeffrey Kidd, Pine Knot; Sarah Durham, Yosemite.

Youth Country Pleasure: Ashley Burton, Columbia; Raeanne Ratliffe, Lancaster; Samantha Richardson, Russell Springs.

Youth Country Pleasure Mule: Josh Wilson, Somerset; Lore Ware, Waynesburg; Marcus Cochran, Liberty.

4-H Pleasure: Charly Ritter, Liberty; Ashley Burton, Columbia; Alysa Thomas, Hustonville.

Youth Walk and Trot: Jeffrey Kidd, Pine Knot; Shelby Anderson, Walltown; Robert Kidd, Pine Knot.


Youth Trail Pleasure: Samantha Richardson, Russell Springs; Ashley Burton, Columbia; Joe Heist, Eubank.

Miniature Horse Halter: Terry George, Russell Springs; Janet Sims, Somerset; Faye King.

Trail Pleasure Mule: Bob Gossett, Somerset; Marvin Cochran, Liberty; Lore Ware, Waynesburg.

Spotted Trail Pleasure: Eddie Burton, Columbia; Jamie Luttrell, Columbia; Charly Ritter, Liberty.

Flat Shod Racking: Don Ratliff, Lancaster; David Simpson, Nancy; Josh Wilson, Somerset.

Miniature Horse Driving: Samantha Smith, Russell Springs; Janet Sims, Somerset; John Bates, Harrodsburg.

Speed Racking: Caleb Wilson, Somerset; Greg Thomas, Hustonville; John Morgan.

Women's Country Pleasure: Ashley Burton, Columbia; Beth Godbey; Susan Tucker.

Men's Country Pleasure: Steve Richardson, Russell Springs; Eddie Burton, Columbia; Roy Mofield, Science Hill.

Walking Mule Open Pleasure: Bob Gossett, Somerset; Marvin Cochran, Liberty; Lore Ware, Waynesburg.

Open Trail Pleasure: Joe Heist, Eubank; Steve Richardson; Ashley Burton, Columbia.

Open Western Pleasure: Barb Dawson, Liberty; Jeff Dawson, Liberty; Jeffrey Kidd, Pine Knot.

Plantation Pleasure (no canter): Michael Branscum, Nancy; Debbie Ratliff; Don Ratliff, Lancaster.

Egg and Spoon: Ashley Burton, Columbia; Callie Phillippe, Waynesburg; Shaleby Anderson, Walltown.

Command Class: Charly Ritter, Liberty; Shelby Anderson, Walltown; Sarah Durham, Yosemite.

Baby Bottle: Josh Rodgers and Chris Wilkinson; Callie Phillippe and Kagen Wright; Charly Ritter and Sarah Durham.

Pony Express and Youth Barrels: Canceled due to weather.

Youth Trail Class: Joe Heist, Eubank; Callie Phillippe, Waynesburg; Micah Wallace, Columbia.

Leadline with everyone as a winner: Grace Jackson, Joshua Taylor, Alex Taylor, Larissa Luttrell, Christian Godbey, Destiny Rayborn, Mattie Meece, Emily Smith and McKenzie Crest.|8/18/03***

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