Bush critics blind to fact nation is at war

August 19, 2003

Dear Editor:

In the last decade, the Islamic radicals have been allowed to run rampant, devouring whomever or whatever they wish. Everywhere I look these days someone is complaining about President Bush's motives. Can people in this country really be that blind? People we are at war!

There are radicals out there who would see us destroyed, completely destroyed. They would kill us all (God forbid) if they could get there hands on the weapons.

The people of this country better be thankful that someone has realized the time that we live in and has seen the handwriting on the wall!


The fact is jealousy is as cruel as the grave. Most people cannot get past the results of election 2000. That is why they are blind. The fact is, the previous administration was asleep at the wheel. There was an explosion of radicals into this country in the decade of the 90's and they were allowed to set up camp right under our noses. The fact is the previous administration was told about Iraq's weapons programs and terrorist camps in 1998 in a memo sent to President Clinton by the CIA! Look it up.

There was a time when people were afraid to mess with this country. Sometimes, just ignoring an aggressor is not acceptable. Sometimes, you have to be the aggressor. Sometimes that's the price of freedom!

God bless the USA.

Alan Cain


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