City doing nothing to protect cemeteries

August 19, 2003

Dear Editor:

I have been approached by several private citizens of Harrodsburg to write a letter concerning the unprotected cemeteries of the city. On several occasions, the cemeteries have been vandalized by people breaking tombstones, defacing or removing tombstones or turning them over.

Most people think the gates of the city's two cemeteries are closed and locked at night. Wrong. Don't believe me? Just take a cruise down North Greenville some evening and see firsthand.

This city's "finest" know this is going on but won't do anything about it, and they won't give a logical reason for not doing anything about it.


Show me a city that does nothing to protect and revere the last resting place of its citizens, and I will show you a city that cares even less about its living citizens' needs and rights.

It seems that the city's elected people are too busy paying deference to the rich and well-to-do or looking for another building to remodel while the resting places of citizens now passed are vandalized.

There have been several citizens who have contacted the mayor and city commissioners on this specific topic with no response whatsoever. The chief of police says his men are "too busy" to patrol the cemeteries on their rounds.

Terry Bugg


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