Vaught's Views: Danville looks to be area's best team

August 21, 2003|LARRY VAUGHT

The regular-season high school football season may end on Halloween, but there's nothing scary about predicting how this season likely will go for area teams.

In fact, it almost looks easy. Just take a glance at the chart matching the predictions of staff writers Jill Erwin, Mike Marsee and Marty Warren with my picks. The area predictions do not differ a lot.

While Marsee doesn't think Lincoln County will win a game - which has to be news to second-year coach Robbie Lucas - both myself and Warren see them beating Marion County and Taylor County.

The consensus is that Danville will be the area's top team with everyone picking the Admirals to win at least eight games and beat Boyle County for the second straight year - predictions that certainly will find their way to the bulletin board outside Chuck Smth's coaching office at Boyle.


Erwin and Warren both see the Admirals losing only to Highlands. Marsee expects them to lose to Manual Saturday in the season-opening Bob Allen Pigskin Classic as well as to Highlands.

I think Admirals will go 10-0

My thinking is different. If Danville is supposed to be good enough to beat Boyle, then who else should beat the Admirals? Hasn't Boyle won four straight state titles? Manual and Highlands are good, but Danville could have one of those special years barring any key injuries. That's why I think Sam Harp's belated 50th birthday present will turn out to be a perfect 10-0 season.

Many are expecting the Rebels to stagger this year, especially since Smith has put together the toughest non-district schedule he's had at Boyle. But didn't I hear the same whispers a few years ago about a young, inexperienced Boyle team being vulnerable and didn't that team go 15-0 and win a state title? That's why the consensus here is that Boyle's only loss other than Danville will be to Highlands. I look for the Rebels to beat Highlands, but I think this could be the year Henry Clay finally beats Boyle only because it will be the season's second game and Smith will still be putting his team together.

Mercer County should again be the area's third winningest team. The consensus is that the Scotties will lose to Class AA district foes Newport and Lloyd Memorial. Marsee also foresees a loss to Monroe County in Friday's season opener.

Biggest discrepancy in our picks comes with Casey

The biggest discrepancy among the area picks comes with Casey County, which lost starting quarterback Kyle Long for the year with a knee injury last week. Erwin, our own "Miss Casey County" when it comes to sports, predicts losses for the Rebels to Harrison County, Pulaski County, Garrard County and Corbin. I also see a 6-4 slate with the losses coming to Pulaski, Garrard, Corbin and Russell County.

Warren is more optimistic with a 7-3 pick and losses only to Harrison, Pulaski and Corbin. Marsee is the most pessimistic with only five wins with losses to Harrison, Pulaski, Garrard, Corbin and Russell.

But if I was picking an upset special for this season, it might well be Casey over Garrard in the "Stonebraker Bowl" because I know the Rebels, and their fans, are anxious to go against the former Casey coach.

Erwin and Warren both see 5-5 years for Garrard with losses to Dunbar, Mercer and Corbin. Erwin's other Garrard losses are Bryan Station and Madison Southern while Warren forecasts losses to Casey and Harrison. My pick is 6-4 with losses to Dunbar, Bryan Station, Mercer and Corbin. Marsee also has Stonebraker's team going 6-4.

That leaves Harrodsburg, which is counting on the return of running back Mark Dunn and arrival of new coach Terry Yeast to revive the program. A forgiving schedule should make a winning season possible with Warren and myself both seeing a 6-4 year that includes losses to Mercer, Danville, Casey and Carroll County. Erwin sees Harrodsburg also losing to Owen while Marsee again is the most pessimistic with only a 4-6 finish that also includes a loss to Paris.

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