Casey homemakers celebrate 60 years

August 22, 2003|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

LIBERTY - Gathering information about Casey County Extension Homemakers for the 60th annual meeting has taken more than a year for one member, and she expects it to take another year to finish.

Jerri Phillippe, who was recognized as an Outstanding Extension Volunteer, and for 55 years as a homemaker club member at a celebration Thursday night, began working on the history by checking microfilm of the local newspaper and collecting photographs and information from members.

Recently, she found a couple of boxes of materials about the homemakers in a storage building at the county extension service office.

"Jerri has put in many hours (on the project) and has done a beautiful job," said Debbie Shepherd, county extension agent for home economics.


Phillippe exhibited a display of materials she has collected at the annual meeting.

She was recognized as leadership development chairwoman and received a golden award for her involvement in the 4-H mentoring program.

Increase membership and get more involved in communities

Speakers for the event encouraged the homemakers to increase membership and get more involved in their communities in the coming year.

Lake Cumberland Area Homemaker President Sharon Wood of Taylor County encouraged club members to help increase membership to keep the record of having the most members for the past two years.

"We want to increase by 100 percent," she said.

Bonnie Tanner of Harrodsburg, assistant director of Family Consumer Sciences at University of Kentucky, has been involved in the homemakers since she was in 4-H.

"I've been in extension practically all my life," she said. She started a homemaker club while attending the University of Kentucky and went on to be a 4-H club leader.

Tanner has worked in all levels of extension, including working in Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C., before returning to Kentucky. She has been a home economist and had more than 2,000 members in 100 clubs.

She encouraged members to get more women and men involved in homemakers to help in community service.

Tanner said the organization can help improve health care. Women can eat better, exercise and take better care of themselves, then encourage others to do so.

"Homemakers have an individual thrust for learning," said Tanner.

"They have love in their hearts and are always working to improve people and the communities where they live."

Kentucky has one of largest homemaker club memberships

Tanner said Kentucky has one of the largest homemaker club memberships and one of the strongest extension services in the nation.

She said other states are closing county offices and making regional offices and the reason Kentucky is keeping county offices open is because of its strong leadership.

With women making up 52 percent of the voters, Tanner said, they need to study the issues and vote.

"Never under estimate the power of committed women," she said.

Besides Phillippe, those recognized were: charter members Ruby Hatter and Louise Anderson; former home economists Rita Stewart, who is currently working in Lincoln County, and Shirley Sheperson, who retired 18 years ago after 32 years of service in Casey County; and Carol Benson, area program director, who became director of the 5th District when Lake Cumberland and Lincoln Trail areas were combined in July to include 18 counties.

Recognition also went to homemaker club members Nancy Bartle, Sarah Christian, Diane King, Mim Mullins, Carrie Lee Joines, Elsie Morgan, Pat Depp, Doris Noel, Tommye Allen and Linda Shepherd.

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