Long John Silver project set to begin

August 22, 2003

Long John Silver will begin construction soon on a combination restaurant with A&W just south of the existing restaurant in Danville.

Yum, Inc., hopes to get permits this week, according to Danville-Boyle Planning and Zoning Director Paula Bary.

The project has been approved since 2002, but was delayed when the previous City Commission asked the company to consider moving its site so that the entrance to Danville Manor Shopping Center could be moved.

Neither Yum or Langley Properties, the company that owns the shopping center, wanted to comment Thursday.

A plat for the new restaurant is on file at P&Z.

That plan to move the entrance was voted down by City Commissioners in January. Mayor John W.D. Bowling and Commissioners Chester Kavanaugh and Ryan Owens said at the time that they didn't believe taxpayers' money should be spent on private development. The project, originally proposed as a safety issue, would have cost more than $75,000.


The Long John Silvers/A&W restaurant will be built where the new entrance to the center would have been.

"I feel like we've lost a golden opportunity," said Commissioner Jamey Gay.

Gay said that fixing the entrance was one of his two main goals as a commissioner.

"It is one of our most dangerous intersections," he said.

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