Ambulance coverage approved for Garrard games

August 22, 2003|PHIL PENDLETON

LANCASTER - Garrard County School Superintendent Ray Woolsey told board members Thursday that because of the closing of Garrard County Memorial Hospital, ambulances are not able to adequately cover athletic events.

"We need to provide coverage for football and soccer," he said.

Woosley said no money is in the athletic fund to pay for additional service, which he said would be $50 a game to ensure an ambulance will be available to tend to injured players. There are a total of 20 games that would need coverage, 10 football and 10 soccer.

He said two ambulances are on duty at all times in the area, but if one is dispatched out of town, that only leaves one to serve the area.

He said the $50 would pay for a third ambulance to be at the games. The recommendation was approved unanimously.

In other business Thursday the school board:

* Approved tax rates for the 2003-2004 school year. The real estate rate was set at 52.7 cents and the personal property rate was set at 55.1 cents per $100 of assessed property. Woolsey said the real estate rate is lower because assessments are higher. However the rate does not include the new "nickel growth tax" approved last month.


* Approved the hiring of a resource teacher to help middle school students in the wake of low CTBS test scores. Woolsey said extended school services funds will pay 75 percent of the teacher's first-year salary.

He said the teacher will help students who are having difficulty at the middle school during part of the day, then help students at the elementary schools the rest of the day.

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