Fed up with the bickering and Bush-bashing

August 22, 2003

Dear Editor:

I am no hardline conservative but I can't take the endless bickering of the liberals every day in this newspaper blaming President Bush for every single problem. He has caused the financial crisis in California, he stole the presidential election, he involved the United States in an illegal war, blah, blah.

What has he done since he's been in office? He inherited a broken liberal economy and seems to have turned it around. The large corporate problems (Enron, WorldCom, etc.) went unchecked during Clinton's watch and Bush inherited that as well.

For those who feel we entered into the war unjustly, ask yourselves: Is the world better off having removed Saddam from power? Did you see the mass graves? Did you see the prisons full of children? Did you hear the stories of his sons feeding men into meat grinders for fun? Mass raping and beating of women. The list goes on.


How many years was the U.N. biding time allowing Saddam to go unchecked? How many resolutions were passed with no enforcement? The U.S. does not need to bow down to the inept United Nations. Why do you think the operation in Iraq is underfunded and understaffed? Because Bill Clinton cut the defense budget and made us a weaker military power.

Would you rather have an immoral liar running the country who caused the tax glut? Why do you think Bush had the "extra" money to return to the American people? I can guarantee that if there were no withholdings from your paycheck but instead you were forced to send the U.S. government a check for your tax bill, you would question why that bill is so high.

It seems as though the general philosophy with the liberals is that they are more interested in laying blame with absolutely no idea of a better solution. They would rather try to incite anger in people. If you don't agree with the policies then what is your solution? The next time you point your finger at someone look at your hand there are three fingers pointing back at you.

Sam Rhodus


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