It's time to get off Mayor Bowling's case

August 26, 2003

Dear Editor:

The recent activation of the Danville Ethics Board and the resulting investigation into alleged illegal or unethical activities concerning our elected officials should serve as a benchmark for other communities. The group performed in a professional and honest way and should be commended for their work.

I think the Ethics Board and the citizens of Danville agree that there is nothing wrong with any individual or business wanting to prosper and expand. This is the American way.

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Mayor Bowling and gained an insight concerning the events that were investigated by the Danville Ethics Board. It is my personal feeling that he has done nothing wrong, in fact I think he has done many good things for the city of Danville.


The charges were investigated by honest and competent people, action was taken and the investigation closed. It is time for all of the watchdog groups to get off his case and move on.

Danville and Boyle County is a great place to live and work. Among the community's many firsts, Centre College was recently named the best college in Kentucky. We can boast of fine school systems, fair taxation, wonderful parks and recreation facilities and an overall safe place to live.

It's time to focus our attention on the future and let sleeping dogs lie.

Jack L. Shepherd


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