Lions celebrate 3-0 win over Ads

August 26, 2003|JILL ERWIN

LANCASTER - Jacob Denny had one last trick up his sleeve - or under his shirt.

Denny scored the final goal in Garrard County's 3-0 win over Danville Monday, then ripped off his jersey to reveal a red-and-black striped sports bra and ran around the field with arms raised overhead.

His imitation of U.S. women's soccer star Brandi Chastain earned him a red card for excessive celebration and a mandatory one-game suspension, but Denny said it was something he wanted to do.

"I just saw it on TV so I thought I'd do it," Denny said. "I had to have the goal, though."


It was the final goal of Garrard's first-ever win over Danville, a victory that earned coach Jon Martin an ice-water shower after the game.

Denny's showing was the most entertaining part of the game, a display that led Danville coach Gary Reynolds to ask if Denny's bra had matched the Golden Lions' garnet shorts, would he have gotten only a yellow card?

But soaking wet after the game, Martin didn't seem pleased with Denny's show.

"He knew not to celebrate," Martin said. "He's going to have some running in practice to do."

Reynolds gave credit to Garrard after the Lions got two first-half goals from Corey Horn and never let the Admirals get into the game.

"They came out smoking," Reynolds said. "We knew they were going to be good. They laid it on us in camp and we knew this was not going to be an easy contest. Jon's done a great job taking this program and getting it turned around to where it ought to be."

Lions are 3-0

That program is experiencing a high in confidence and expectations. The Lions are 3-0 and have not allowed a goal this season.

Both Martin and Horn said this season could be a special one for Garrard. Horn said topping Danville gives the Lions the confidence to play with district foes Berea, Madison Central, Madison Southern and Model.

"We have a different feeling about this year," the Garrard coach said. "I think the kids really know they can win and they're coming out and showing it. Before we played more defensive-minded and tried to pack it in. This year we're getting up and we're attacking people. These guys really think they can go far in the district."

"This is going to be a big confidence builder," Horn said. "Now that we know we can play with these guys, we can play with anybody now. Danville's a good team. We just worked a little harder than they did tonight."

Garrard definitely got more return for its work. Less than seven minutes into the game, Horn scored on a left-footed goal past Miguel Magana off a Denny assist. Horn scored again in the 34th minute when he put in a shot from the left side that squeezed between Magana's legs for a goal.

"Corey Horn was extremely pumped up before the game," Martin said. "He was ready to go after them."

Booth out for Danville

Magana was in the goal for Danville because normal keeper Matt Booth is out with an illness. Reynolds said he expects to have Booth back by tournament time and prefers having Magana playing in the field. Reynolds made that switch to start the second half, pushing Magana out top and inserting sophomore Kevin Smiley into goal.

Smiley played well, giving up only Denny's goal with just over two minutes to play.

"We wanted to get Miguel out on the field and Smiley was willing to go into goal, which I really appreciate," Reynolds said. "He hasn't had any training and he's just out there playing on athleticism and really didn't do a bad job. He kept them out for quite a while. I just appreciate the kind of attitude that displays."

Garrard's defense also did its job, as Malcolm Smith, Kyle Ayres, Will Stevens, Anthony Henderson, Zach Doan and keeper Cory Lawwill combined to keep Danville out of the net.

"My whole defense, I'm proud of it because they had to play a lot on their end tonight, more than they'e played in the whole season so far," Martin said. "It was an overall team effort. As bad as these kids want to beat Danville, this is probably our biggest win in three years."

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