Lincoln votes against 4 percent tax hike

August 29, 2003|EMILY BURTON

STANFORD - The Lincoln County Fiscal Court magistrates voted unanimously in a special meeting this week against a 4 percent real estate tax increase and accepted a bid for the county courthouse roofing project.

The current tax rate of $.094 per $100 of assessed value will not be increase this year to the optional $.097, according to county treasurer Teresa Padgett.

"With our occupational tax fund, and others, Lincoln County has plenty of money to work with, and we didn't feel like we should burden the people," said Magistrate Mark Denham.

The increased rate would have drawn an extra $3 in revenue on a $100,000 home. The Fiscal Court will have the opportunity next year to discuss and vote on a future 4 percent raise in taxes.


Magistrates also voted to accept a bid of $268,982 from Tri-State Roofing to repair the courthouse roof.

Magistrate Earlin Cress said the Fiscal Court voted to use copper roofing for it's durability and lack of maintenance.

"They won't be painting a few years down the road. It might be more expensive initially, but it will be virtually maintenance free," said Cress. "We don't anticipate our grandchildren having to work on it."

Project paperwork must be filed with the state in order to use the $200,000 in grant money previously awarded by the state transportation department for courthouse repair.

Construction can begin 10 days after the paperwork clears, though no speculation as to the exact start date has been made.

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