ATV industry unfairly blamed for injuries

August 29, 2003

Dear Editor:

This is in reference to the article about ATV injuries on the front page of The Advocate-Messenger Aug. 21.

We provide a riding area for all terrain vehicles. No one under the age of 16 can ride at this time. We also require helmets and allow no double riding. We turn away more business than we can get because of safety reasons.

If you buy an ATV from Honda, they will give you $100 to take a safety course and pay for a good helmet, but lots of people won't take the time for the safety course.

Don't you think you are blaming the wrong people for these injuries. Shouldn't parents and adults be responsible for themselves and their children - not dealers and manufacturers.


We provide a safe place to ride but we sit and watch the ATV's go up and down a public highway with no helmets on the adults with a child on the back and sometimes one child on the front and another on the back. There won't be one of out of six with a helmet on and almost all of them ride double.

Where's the local law enforcement? Should they not be enforcing the law, instead of blaming dealers and people trying to provide a safe environment for riding. It's my understanding you cannot ride an ATV on a public highway, other than two-tenths of a mile for farm use.

Randall Sharp, owner

Sharp's ATV Riding Range


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