Police foil plot to kill 6 in Harrodsburg

August 31, 2003|ANN R. HARNEY

HARRODSBURG - An alleged attempt by a former Lawrenceburg police officer to kill at least six Harrodsburg residents was stopped early Saturday morning by members of the Harrodsburg Police Department and Mercer County Sheriff's office as well as the security officer at Corning, Inc.

Kevin Paul Crum, 31, of Champaign, Ill., is being held at the Boyle County Detention Center on six counts of attempted murder, three counts of carrying concealed weapons, and charges of criminal trespassing and possession of a stolen license plate.

Harrodsburg Police Detective Sgt. Garry Bradshaw said Crum recently moved from Lawrenceburg to Champaign and joined that city's police department in June. He allegedly came here with plans to murder his child, the child's mother and members of her family.

Crum apparently was being pressured by the child's mother and family members to provide child support. Bradshaw said the suspect parked his car in the parking lot at the Corning plant at 640 East Office Street to hide it. His intent was to walk from the parking lot to the family's residence in the east end of Harrodsburg and carry out his plan, the detective said.


Bradshaw would not name the alleged victims but said police have taken precautions to protect them.

The Corning security guard witnessed Crum putting on a bullet-proof vest and taking what appeared to be a weapon from the trunk of his vehicle. The guard notified Harrodsburg Police Department and police officers notified the alleged victims and the sheriff's office, Bradshaw said.

About eight officers from the two agencies drove to the factory, arriving at about 2:50 a.m. Saturday and, with weapons at the ready, arrested Crum without incident. Asked if Crum tried to fire weapons at the police officers, Bradshaw said, "He didn't have a chance."

Bradshaw said the large number of officers involved was to make sure Crum was outnumbered and could be arrested without incident. According to the Harrodsburg Police Department press release, when Crum was first apprehended, he was charged with trespassing and weapons charges. After further investigation, Bradshaw said the attempted murder charges were added.

Bradshaw would not say if Crum confessed to the attempted murder charges.

The Champaign police are assisting the Harrodsburg police with the investigation.

According to a news release from the Champaign Police Department, Crum was assigned to ride with a field training officer in the patrol division during his 15-month probation period, and hs not performed a solo patrol.

Joan Walls, public information officer for the Champaign Police Department, said Crum has been suspended and will be terminated. She explained that because he was still serving his probationary period, he can be fired without a hearing.

He was being held in the Boyle County Detention Center without bond Saturday afternoon. Walls said Crum will be arraigned here later this week.

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