Are the people of Iraq better off today?

September 02, 2003

Dear Editor:

Allow me to respond to some of the comments made about my previous letter.

First, I am not so irrational that I condone bombing schools, killing children, etc. Where was your stance when Bill Clinton bombed the "evil" aspirin factory in Sudan to take the heat off of his domestic troubles? However, I am a rational thinker that realizes that even as accurate as our precision-guided munitions are (I used to work on design teams that built such devices), there are some that go astray (weather conditions, countermeasures, mechanical failures, etc.) and some innocent destruction will occur. You would measure our failures by the number of innocents killed while evils like Saddam and Bin Laden measure successes by that exact same measure. You speak of destroyed schools, murdered parents etc. to inflame anger. The reality is that Saddam created this fear, only more widespread. There were prisons full of children, rape vans that roamed the streets, mass graves, etc.


Second, the respondents to my letter did not read the content very well. My point was President Bush is being blamed for some issues that were inherited. Contrary to the insinuation, I do not blindly support every decision made by this administration.

Third. I did not say that Clinton's "sex" lies were greater than any of Bush's lies. Remember that Clinton did perjure himself. This offense would put a "regular" American like you and me in jail for a long time. Clinton disrespected the office he had, so how could we believe he earnestly cared for the people his decisions were affecting?

Fourth, "hate" radio? I suspect you assume I gather my information from sources other than CNN (Clinton News Network) and NBC (None Better than Clinton). Indeed, I listen to talk radio, read Internet news services and watch CNN/NBC to actually form my own opinions. Critical thinking, it's catching on.

I love a healthy debate as it proves some people are thinking; so again I ask my prior questions: Are the people of Iraq better off today than four years ago? If you disagree with the U.S. response, what is your solution?

Sam Rhodus


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