Crum arraigned in Mercer

September 03, 2003|ANN R. HARNEY

HARRODSBURG - A Champaign, Ill., police officer remains an inmate of the Boyle County Detention Center this morning charged with attempted murder.

Kevin Paul Crum, 31, is being held on a $496,000 bond following his arraignment at Mercer District Court Tuesday afternoon.

Crum is charged with six counts of attempted murder and four counts of carrying concealed weapons. Police say they found him in the parking lot with three handguns and a knife.

He is also charged with criminal trespassing and possession of a stolen license plate. A preliminary hearing is set for 9 a.m. Sept. 11.

Crum was arrested early Saturday morning after Donald Barnett, the security guard at Corning on East Office Street, witnessed Crum putting on a bullet-proof vest and taking what appeared to be a weapon from the trunk of his vehicle.


Barnett called the Harrodsburg Police Department and Mercer County sheriff's deputies were notified. About eight officers from the two agencies surrounded Crum in the Corning parking lot and arrested him without incident, Detective Sgt. Garry Bradshaw said Saturday.

Court officials said there was a problem with the system that allows the court to hold some court events to be conducted via a television hookup at the Danville jail, which forced an appearance of Crum at the Mercer County Courthouse.

District Judge Jeff Dotson set the bond and entered a not-guilty plea for Crum. The judge also named Stacy Coontz to be Crum's court appointed attorney. Crum told the judge he intended to hire private council but had not been able to do that.

Bond set at $496,000

Coontz asked the judge to reduce the bond to 10 percent of the set amount, but Dotson denied the request. While not a capital offenses, Dotson said the bond was set at a full $496,000 because of the severity of the crimes of which Crum is charged.

However, the judge listed a number of conditions Crum must follow if he posts bond. Primarily, he will not be allowed to carry a firearm or enter Mercer County.

Crum allegedly had come to Harrodsburg from his home in Illinois to kill his out-of-wedlock child, the child's mother and members of her family, all of whom live on the east side of the city.

He apparently was being pressured by the child's mother and family members to provide child support. Bradshaw said Crum intended to walk to the home and parked his car at Corning to hide it among the other vehicles.

Dotson said in court he would not discuss the alleged victims by name with members of the press present. Police also have not released the names.

Crum used to work as the safety officer for all public schools in Anderson County.

He served as school resource officer for the Lawrenceburg Police Department for more than two years before he resigned and began working in Champaign in June.

Anderson County High School principal Ray Woodyard said he had a good working relationship with Crum.

"I was very surprised when I heard" about Crum's arrest, Woodyard said. "He was always very professional at the school."

Woodyard said Crum was in the county's schools to provide a police presence and handle occasional criminal incidents.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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