Pulaski to test Casey

September 03, 2003|JILL ERWIN

LIBERTY - Casey County coach Andy Stephens has seen enough of Pulaski County to know he doesn't like what he sees.

The Maroons (2-0) have outscored their opponents 81-34 and will come into Liberty Friday looking to continue their hot play.

Pulaski is led by senior quarterback Cole Draughn, who was 15-for-23 for 265 yards and five touchdowns in a 42-14 win over Russell County last week.

Junior tight end Tyler Sexton had three touchdowns and a two-point conversion against Russell.

The Maroons have compiled 795 yards of offense while holding opponents to 366.

"They throw the ball pretty much 70 percent of the time," Stephens said. "Draughn runs pretty good for his size. You worry about him being one-dimensional, but he's not. He ran for almost 250 yards against Wayne County, then threw for almost 300 against Russell. He's a threat either way."

Offense struggled against Harrodsburg

Casey's offense wasn't very threatening last week against Harrodsburg. The Rebels totaled just seven points and 181 yards against the Pioneers just a week after gaining 353 yards and scoring 38 points against Harrison County.


This game will be Casey's home opener, and Stephens said he hopes playing on their own field will energize the players.

"They didn't play very aggressive last week," Stephens said. "Hopefully, we'll have good weather for a whole ballgame and I look forward to being in front of a good home crowd, getting the guys a little more excited. They didn't get pumped up and fired up last week."

Stephens said he talked about the lack of emotion in the Harrodsburg game with his seniors Monday.

"I talked to them about what they felt like was wrong," Stephens said. "They're seniors and they've lost now. They can't go back and get that one, but every time they show up flat, there's a good chance they're not going to win. Why waste all the work they put in over the winter? Hopefully that will get them focused in mentally.

"After the break (for lightning), they got back real excited, but that goes away. That's all false bravado.It's how bad you really want it. Anyone can play hard for five minutes. It's who's willing to play hard for the whole ballgame."

Casey will use quickness against Pulaski's size

Stephens said his team will have to put 48 minutes of solid play together to beat Pulaski. The Maroons average 275 pounds across the offensive line and 265 pounds on the defensive line. Casey can't match that size, so Stephens said the Rebels will have to depend on its speed.

"We're quicker than they are across both fronts," Stephens said. "We'll use that and get on a sweep or something, just something to beat them to the outside and take advantage of our speed."

Stephens was pleased with how his lines played against Harrodsburg. The defensive line has played well in both games, which has been a minor surprise to Stephens. The Casey coach said that was one section of his team he wasn't sure of, but he says the defensive line and middle linebackers Barry Burton and Dustin Perkins have stood out.

Film also showed Stephens that his offensive line played better than he thought it had.

"The holes were there," Stephens said. "The O-line blocked pretty well, we just didn't hit the holes quick enough. Harrodsburg was quick enough to shut them off quicker than we could get to them. We were just a step or two behind where we needed to be. But the offensive line did what they were supposed to do."

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