Williams glad he's part of rivalry now

September 03, 2003|LARRY VAUGHT

Four years ago George Williams had no inkling about the significance of the Danville-Boyle County rivalry.

In fact, he didn't know that much about football here when he moved from Jessamine County.

"We just moved here to get away from big city life in Lexington," said Williams. "There were a lot of things my family didn't like, and we just thought Danville would be a nice place to live. But I really wasn't into football and had no idea how good the football here was."

That started changing the first day he walked into Bate Middle School. Kelvin Turner, now one of Danville's best players, and others immediately encouraged him to join the middle school football team.

"Kelvin said, 'Man, you are big. Why don't you play football?" Williams said. "I had played one year in Little League, but that was it. I didn't come here to play football, but it was easier to try it than to tell all those guys no. I thought playing would be a way to make new friends."


Not only did he make friends, but he became hooked on football and no one will enjoy playing more in Friday's Boyle-Danville game at Admiral Stadium than Williams, a junior lineman.

"It was 1999 that I saw my first Danville-Boyle game. Everybody at school was telling me it was the game of the year," Williams said. "I went and the place was packed. It was unbelievable just to watch. It was big for me to see all those people just watching football. You wouldn't think in a small town like this that you could possibly have that many people watching a football game. But you do."

He was on the extra point team in 2001 when Boyle held off Danville 24-21. Last year he started in the offensive line when the Ads won 20-10 to end the Rebels' 47-game win streak.

"Just to be part of that atmosphere as a freshman with the fans screaming and yelling and players on both sides battling as hard as they could was awesome," Williams said. "I realized then that you could not help but play your heart out in that game.

The only returning starter on offensive line

This year he was Danville's only returning starter in the offensive line. The unit has played well enough for the Ads to win two games and be averaging 36 points per game this season.

"I knew I had to step up and show everybody that even though we lost all of our guys from last year, we could still build a line and play together," Williams said. "But I know Boyle has a really good defense again this year. Nobody can score on them.

"If we are going to have a chance to win, our offensive line will have to win the battle up front. We have not completely clicked together yet, but we can. We just have to focus on what we are doing and realize it will take a four-quarter game to beat a good team like Boyle."

Williams will play either guard or tackle on offense. He occasionally gets to play in the defensive line if tackles Jacob Moore or Masaak Tagarook need a rest.

"Our defense is tremendous," Williams said "(Assistant) Coach (Jerry) Perry knows what he's doing. That's why if our offense does its job, we should always be in good shape. Our defense is good. We just have to get our offense together for Boyle."

Williams said that's easier to do because of talented running backs Charles Penix and Turner.

"Our backs are tremendous. I don't mind admitting that," Williams said. "We could probably put our backs on Boyle County's team and they would stomp us. They are that good and that important to our team. They are all-around players that can run, catch and block.

"There are times where their speed catches me and I really don't get to the hole in time to finish my block. They just pass me like a blaze and there's nothing I can do."

Assistant coach Marty Jaggers has told Williams that if he only weighed 280 pounds, he would have an easier time making those blocks.

"He thinks I could be a much better player at 280, or 290, because I would move better," Williams said. "I agree with him, but I still move pretty good for a 300-pound man and I know I'll have to move a lot to do all I can to help us beat a very good Boyle County team."

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