Boat dock being built at Lake Liberty

September 04, 2003|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

LIBERTY - The city is making improvements along the banks of Lake Liberty to draw people to the area for picnicking and recreation.

A new boat dock is under construction, and plans are being considered for a boating program for young people.

The City Council has agreed to transfer $12,000 from the Lake Liberty budget to make the improvements.

Mayor Steve Sweeney said the fund had $33,000 earlier this year and a portion has been spent on a new boat ramp.

He suggested the city take part in a boating program, co-sponsored by the county school system's 21st Century program. Young people will be taught about sail boating and other types of water recreation at the lake where no motor boats are allowed.

Councilman Earl "Monk" Wilson said the new boat ramp needs repairs. The ramp was built in two sections, and he said the one slab in the water has cracked.


Sweeney said the cracked slab will be repaired and concrete will be poured from the underwater section to connect to the one on dry land.

Wilson said fill has already washed out and the ramp was not built to specifications.

"I can't see spending money if it (the ramp) does not meet the specs," he said.

Sweeney said he will talk with the contractor and report to the council later.

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