Adams pushes herself, Garrard County teammates

September 04, 2003|JILL ERWIN

LANCASTER - When Kia Howard is asked to describe teammate Andrea Adams, she doesn't even hesitate.

"She's very athletic," Howard said. "She puts 110 percent into every sport and every aspect of both volleyball and basketball. She may be a little shy, but she's just an all-around good person to have around."

It's that athleticism and drive to succeed that have pushed Adams, a senior on Garrard County's volleyball team, to become its best player.

And her leaping ability surprises those who see the 5-4 senior as a setter stuck to the floor.

"She can get up off the floor, she has good timing, she can spike it and she can block it," Garrard coach Dennis Custard said. "She has a good powerful serve. She's just an all-around good ballplayer."


Howard, the tallest girl on the team, said Adams has the best spike among all the Golden Lions. Howard said that doesn't hurt her feelings.

"She's been at it a lot longer than I have," Howard said with a smile. "She can jump a lot higher than I can. It doesn't bother me too bad."

Adams has been on the Garrard team all four years it's been in existence. She joined the team because her older sister, Jackie, was playing. She stayed because she enjoyed it.

Now she's a captain, and she said the Golden Lions want to continue what they started last year when they won the 26th District championship.

"We want to win the district and the region," Adams said.

Adams is the only returning starter from that team, which lost seven seniors. The Lions started the season 4-5, better than most expected after the exodus of seniors and the departure of head coach Linda Rudolph.

"Just playing with different people has been tough," Adams said.

Custard was an assistant on last year's team.

"It's a lot of heart," Custard said. "They're playing hard. We don't have any experience, but they try hard."

"We practice fundamentals a lot better now," Adams said. "We're covering better, I think, this year."

Adams spends her time on the court as the Lions' setter, touching the ball almost every time it crosses the net.

Custard said having her on the floor has been invaluable, not only because of her volleyball skills, but also because of her intelligence. Adams is one of the top students at Garrard, and Custard said that translates well on the floor.

"She's doing what we expected her to do, being a leader on the floor," Custard said. "She's all over the place as the setter. She's got a lot of quickness and it seems like she gets her hands on almost every ball. She's always picking the girls up."

Howard said Adams never ceases to amaze.

"Honestly, she's unreal," Howard said. "She's everywhere and she picks up everything. Everything she does, she's just awesome at it.

"She knows a lot about the game. She coaches the girls as well as plays with them. She tells them what they're doing wrong and how to improve it. She always has a great attitude and that carries over to the rest of us."

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