Investment in Youth results

September 05, 2003|BRENDA EDWARDS


Staff Writer

Everything about the Boyle County Investment in Youth Livestock Sale Thursday night was "good," according to Ray Graves, chairman of the sale committee.

Graves was talking about the seven steers, 12 goats, 19 lambs and four hogs that brought $43,450 for 26 Boyle County youngsters.

"The crowd was good, the turnout was good, and the prices were good," he said this morning.

"The kids were really excited," Graves said. They have spent the past year taking care of their 4-H and FFA livestock projects, which have won top prizes at district livestock shows, county fairs and the Kentucky State Fair.


"The community stepped up, and we had new buyers this year," said Jerry Little, county agricultural agent. "The sale gets better each year. Everyone supports the kids." Little said the parents and kids work hard getting the animals ready for the sale.

"The money earned allows the kids to purchase animals for next year or for college," said Little.

The sale has grown each year since it was established in 1999 to help the youngsters get a better price for their livestock.

Jessie Mattingly's top selling 1,300-pound steer sold for $3,185 to Dr. Barry Spoonamore and Lyle Beck.

Prices of the other steers, listed by seller, pounds, price and purchaser, are: Adam Gordon, 1,125 pounds, $2,925, Garrard County Stockyards; Nicole Pelicano, 1,300 pounds, $2,860, Dan-Arb Food Group; Leslie Reynolds, 1,425 pounds, $2,850, First Southern National Bank; Logan Goggin, 1,415 pounds, $2,830, C&T Cattle Co. in Somerset; Hannah Goggin, 1,265 pounds, $2,783, Cumberland Shell in Somerset; and Erin Galloway, 995 pounds, $2,289, Bob Allen Motor Mall.


Katie Ellis had the top selling hog. The 276-pound hog sold for $1,104 to Mole Hole Gift Shop in Somerset. Ellis also sold a 268-pound hog for $898 to Friends of Boyle County.

Brandon Ellis sold a 305-pound hog for $992 to Drs. Susan Coleman and Tom Serey and a 254-pound hog for $889 to First Southern National Bank.


Crystal Campbell had the top selling goat. The 83-pound goat sold for $913 to Gordon-Playforth. She also sold a 69-pound goat for $587 to Friends of Boyle County.

Results of the goat sales are: Gretta Gooch, 98-pound goat sold for $588 to Madison County Livestock and Goat Sales; Jessica Johnson, 114-pound goat sold for $599 to Jess Correll; Steven Campbell, 88-pound goat sold for $660 to Cambus-Kenneth Farm; Daniel King, 65-pound goat sold for $423 to Gilbert Farms; Taylor Graves, 65-pound goat sold for $683 to Horseman's Source; Leslie Reynolds, 91-pound goat sold for $774 to Pickerill Motors;

Justin Johnson, 88-pound goat sold for $616 to Jess and Angela Correll; Amanda Best, 74-pound goat sold for $518 to Crawford Springs subdivision; Landon Reynolds, 70-pound goat sold for $543 to Farm Credit; and Daniel King, 59-pound goat sold for $605 to Friends of Boyle County.


Beth Gooch exhibited the top selling lamb. She sold the 128-pound animal for $896 to Century 21. She also had a 143-pound goat that sold for $750 to Bob Allen Motor Mall.

Results of the lamb sale, listed by seller, pound of lamb, price and purchaser, are: Zach Dishon, 135 pounds, $641, Farm Credit; Hewitt Rowland, 120 pounds, $552, PBK Bank; Jessica Johnson, 129 pounds, $677, Jess and Angela Correll; Sandra Hoormann, 104 pounds, $624, Friends of Boyle County, and a 115-pound hog for $690 to Boyle County Farm Bureau; Logan Goggin, 143 pounds, $858, Drs. Nash-Cleveland, Godfrey and Smith; Julie Sullivan, 104 pounds, $598, Friends of Education; Sharon Hoormann, 104 pounds, $650, Heritage Community Bank, and 104- pound hog for $650 to Supporters of Youth;

Catherine Rowland, 119 pounds, $773, Farmers National Bank; Gretta Gooch, 130 pounds, $682, Bob Allen Motor Mall; Justin Johnson, 109 pounds, $681, Central Kentucky Ag Credit; Zach Dishon, 90 pounds, $585 pounds, Johnson Oil Co.; Hewitt Rowland, 124 pounds, $651, Supporters of Youth; Catherine Rowland, 122 pounds, $640, Levanwood Properties; and Amanda Goggin, 140 pounds, $735, Eddie Tamme.

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