Two's company for Danville girls golf

September 05, 2003|MIKE MARSEE


Staff Writer

Christina Hill finally has some company on the golf course.

Hill has been the only girl playing golf at Danville for the past three years, but this year the Danville roster has doubled in size.

The addition of Anne Montgomery has given Danville a "team" for the first time. While both girls wish there were more players, they agree that two golfers are better than one.

"It's a lot better," Hill said. "I used to have fun playing with the boys, but now playing with girls who can score more like me, it's a lot more fun."


Hill has played in boys matches for the past three years, but now she and Montgomery are playing in girls matches.

Hill is a freshman who is in her fourth year of high school golf. Montgomery is a senior who is playing her first year at Danville after sitting out last season following a transfer from Boyle County.

Montgomery said she's glad to be involved in high school competitions again after a year away from them.

"It's just being able to compete against the people that are my age, people that I know," Montgomery said. "It's good to be competing on this level now."

Both girls have stayed busy with junior tournaments, but last year their competition against girls was limited after the summer junior season ended. Hill had only the high school regional; Montgomery didn't even have that.

Montgomery shot 45 and Hill shot 48 on Thursday in a four-team match at Old Bridge Golf Club.

The scores were a bit higher than average for both girls, as they were for the other girls in the match who have had little chance to practice or play in the past week thanks to rain.

Montgomery said she is consistently shooting around 42 or 43, while Hill said her average is also hovering in the low 40s.

"I'm very pleased," Hill said. "When I first played in the regional, I was in the 100s; now I'm down to two digits."

Hill has improved to the point where she can aim for a qualifying berth in the state tournament at the regional later this month.

"I just want to try to make it to state," Hill said with a smile, "any maybe shoot in the low 80s."

She played in seven junior tournaments on the Baker-Geary-Dunne/Musselman Tour this summer, shooting as low as 40 in one event and earning a spot in the two-day tour championship. Her lowest score of the high school season is a 36.

Hill said while she enjoys playing girls matches on a regular basis for the first time, playing against the boys helped her a great deal.

"It made me a lot better," Hill said. "It just got me ready to be competitive."

She said she particularly enjoyed occasions when she would beat some of the boys she played against.

"They would get some little smirks and stuff," she said.

Montgomery said she's enjoying making the rounds with Hill.

"People need to watch out for her junior and senior years in the region," Montgomery said. "She can shoot in the high 30s or low 40s when she wants. She's so close to breaking the 30s, I think."

Montgomery also enjoyed a good summer on the junior circuit, playing in five BGDM tournaments and winning her division at Tates Creek and finishing second at Old Bridge and Andover.

"I think my short game has gotten better, and that's saved me," she said. "My drives were awful, but my second shots were saving me on those holes."

Hill said her biggest improvement has come in driving and putting this year.

Both girls said they have done their best to recruit more teammates, but they said it hasn't been easy. They're competing against soccer, Danville's most popular sport for girls, and they're also battling a bit of an awareness problem.

"People did not know golf existed," Montgomery said.

"It's really tough," said Hill. "I've been asking around, but nobody wants to play. They're all into soccer."

Montgomery has seen this before. She was just getting started in golf when Boyle was trying to establish its team eight years ago.

"We started the program at Boyle County when I was in the fifth grade with three of us, and the way I see it, it's the same thing here at Danville," she said.|

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