Mercer County public record for Sept. 7

September 07, 2003

HARRODSBURG - Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Bruce Harper include:

Rick and Dianne M. Sutton to Michelle L. Dismeaux, property in Brummett subdivision, Burgin, $69,000.

Gary M. and Lisa G. Lake to Jeffrey W. and Cathy M. Taylor, property at 395 McAfee Lane, Salvisa, $201,607.

Samuel and Stella M. Harlow to Stella M. Harlow, half interest in property adjacent to Mount Pleasant Church, gift; fair cash value, $15,000.

Robert E. and Naomi Witt to Robert C. White and Adam L. White, property on Goodlett Road, $90,000.

Chris S. and Heather D. Baker to State Bank and Trust Co., in exchange for mortgage forgiveness; fair cash value, $41,492.

Inez and Ezra Tatum Jr. and others to Charles K. Bottoms, property on Tatum Road, $52,000.

James B. and Peggy J. Cornelius to Jason and Jeanie Sanford, property in Mercer County, $80,000.

Anita J. Campbell to Robert F. Campbell, property on Old Dixville Road, gift; fair cash value, $10,000.


Anna J. and Lewis Smith, grantors, and Morris E and Edna Fallis, second parties, to Brenda C. Jenkins, property on Robards Court, $35,000.

Tanya R. and Boyd R. Van Winkle Jr. to Kevin and Leticia Robinson, property on Ky. 390, $87,500.

Mischell Lee to Joseph and Bonnie J. Webb, property at 225 Shannon Oaks Drive, $20,000.

Haldon W. and Betty J. Goodlett to Connie D. Goodlett and Daphine E. Rutter, property in Cummins subdivision, gift; estimated fair cash value, $60,000.

Donald R. and Barbara Austin to Estelle Anderson, property on Cornishville Road, gift; no fair cash value listed.

Art and Brenda Baker to Sue A. Powell, property in Green Acres subdivision, $82,000.

Chad and Crystal Ryan to Gilbert H. and Becky S. Cadeza, property in Hanover Manor subdivision, $85,500.

Dorothy Pulliam, executor of the Roy L. Novell estate, to Tony and Marlene Warner, property at 846 Bellows Mill Road, $75,500.

Jacqueline and John Sims to John W. and Charlotte Renfro and Franklin E. Renfro, property on Main Street, Salvisa, $17,000.

Timothy P. Prosser to Deborah H. Hummel, property at 104 Mooreland Ave., gift; fair cash value, $75,000.

Pam Carrender to Deborah A. Hummel, property at 575 Rose Lane, $150,000.

Billy W. Hayden to G. Steve and Frances D. Hayden, property in Witherspoon addition, $500.

Hillps Mercer County Properties LLC to Troy and Julie Peavler, property in Harrodsburg Industrial Warehousing, $10,000.

Laverne K. Decker to Stephen L. and Margaret G. Barnett, property in Chimney Rock subdivision, $73,000.

Rosalind Freeman to Kelvin L Machel, property in Bellaire subdivision, $18,500.

Fred and Betty Fern to Sheila L. Smith, property on Moberly Road, $54,000.

N.B. and Patricia Stratton to Mark D. and Stephanie G. Wade, property in Alexander Heights subdivision, $138,000.

David Eldridge to Gloria G. Eldridge, property in Poplar Heights subdivision, part of a divorce settlement.

Don and Ellen E. Strong to Bayview Financial Property Trust, property in Chimney Rock Marina, $275,246.

Ralph Phillips III to Patrick Morgan and Heather A. Holliday, property in Lee Oak Estates, $25,000.


Marriage licenses issued recently in Harper's office include:

Vanessa Marie Coleman, 23, RSR merchandiser, and Daniel Aaron Pifer, 24, RSR merchandiser, both of Harrodsburg.

Stephanie Michelle Samuels, 23, staff accountant, and Brian Marshall Sims, 26, futures trader, both of Harrodsburg.

Crystal Gail Bishop Whitis, 30, Barnes Cleaning Service, and Bruce Wayne Pheasant, 36, warehouseman, both of Harrodsburg.

Rita Faye Sargent, 30, unemployed, and Gary Wayne Ray, 24, AB Construction, both of Harrodsburg.

Kathleen Fay Kellerman, 43, registered nurse, and Royce Arlin Alexander, pharmacist, both of Harrodsburg.

Barbara Joy Schlabach, 30, homemaker, and John Samuel Miller, 25, construction, both of Harrodsburg.

Sara Rebecca Hebrock, 24, student, and Micah Lee Waddell, 24, installer, service technician, both of Salvisa.

Willie Aline Pierce Ross, 47, correctional officer, and Charles Edward Collins, 38, correctional officer, both of Harrodsburg.

Rose Marie Coulter, 44, cook, and Robert W. Frye, 48, factory, both of Danville.

Crystal Gayle Bottom, 24, Bay West, and Michael Alan Logue, horse trainer, both of Harrodsburg.

Lyndsay Katheryn Matherly, 26, dietitian, of Harrodsburg, and Edward Joseph Long, 26, membership director, of Louisville.

Carolyn Lorine Rogers, 42, machine technician, and Roy Lynn Freeman, 36, unemployed, both of Harrodsburg.

Janice Rae Cloyd, 36, nursing, and Stephen Grant Poynter, 38, sales, both of Harrodsburg.


Cases handled recently in Mercer District Court, listed by name, charge, fine and jail sentence, where applicable, include the following. Court costs also were assessed in most cases. Ages and addresses are listed if available.

Oscar J. Preston Jr., 37, 433 Eagle St., driving under the influence of intoxicants, blood-alcohol content .225 percent, $200, four days, 120-day license suspension, credit for four hours served; no driver's license, $100 and 30 days, jail sentence probated.

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