Net Xpress: It's that time again - for more patches to Microsoft systems

September 08, 2003|SHEILA J. CLARK

Heads up! Time to patch your systems once again, as Microsoft has released another batch of security alerts, including one critical flaw that allows a hacker to control a venerable system.

Included among the products affected by the flaw are Office 2002, 2000 and '97 versions of Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Works Suites 2001-2003, Publisher 2002 and numerous other Microsoft products supporting VBA scripting. Read more at Visit the Office Update site at

Virus alert

A new worm called Quaters is out and it has a specific target. The worm is aimed at British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The worm's goal is to create a denial of service attack on the British government's and the prime minister's office's Web sites. The worm spreads itself via e-mail and Internet Relay Chat servers, better known as IRC.


This isn't the first incident where a British Prime Minister was the target of an e-attack. The first time was in the 1990s with the Fu Manchu virus attack on former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. For more details, visit

Net buzzz

* A Singapore-made operating system is scheduled to be launched some time this month. The OS, called MXI (MXI stands for Motion eXperience Interface), is said to be able to run programs designed for other OS platforms such as Windows, Linux and Palm. There also will be an OS released for wireless devices called Radixs MXI. Learn more at, or

* The Desktop Linux Consortium, made up of Hewlett-Packard and Lycoris, have scheduled a Desktop Linux Conference set for Nov. 10. The team paired up after withdrawing from the Desktop Linux Summit - the desktop Linux conference held early this year - claiming the organizer hogged the spotlight. Read more at

* New components are expected to be added to the next Notes office software. The IBM company division plans to add instant messaging and Internet search capabilities to their product. Learn more at

* Network Solutions, a domain name registrant, is offering a new service called Next Registration Rights that allows a person to automatically be granted registration of a domain name during the subscription period. Learn more at

* SCO is at it again. This time, the company is going after commercial Linux users and actively are pursuing the companies and sending out invoices for payment. Read more at

How to quickly load the Internet Explorer browser

This tip will allow a computer users to run the Internet Explorer browser without loading its default home page.

1. Click on Start and select Run from the Start menu.

2. Type IExplore -NoHome in the Run dialog box and then click OK. Note: Be sure to leave a space between IExplore and -NoHome. The command is not case sensitive.

The browser will load quickly but with a blank page for you to view. Use the browser's menus and toolbars to proceed with whatever you wish to use it for.

MSN Live online events

Sept. 8: Chat with "Kate Remembered" author A. Scott Berg at 7 p.m. His New York Times best-seller was written about Kate Hepburn. Go to

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