Liberty will seek funding to help gate company

September 09, 2003|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

LIBERTY - The City Council agreed Monday night to apply for $1.2 million in federal grants and loans to extend sewer service from the southern city limits to Tarter Gate Co. in Dunnville.

Keith Tarter anticipates by hooking on to the sewer system the gate company will provide 50 jobs to the county.

He also said the company is planning to build a new washing facility that could provide another 150 jobs, including 100 welders.

He said the company is willing to pay the low-interest loans to help finance the extension.

The gate company is installing an industrial wastewater treatment plant to comply with federal regulations, but has to haul the waste from the plant to the city for treatment.

If funds are secured, the proposed project would include four lift stations.

Mayor Steve Sweeney said the project will have no negative implications for the proposed project on East Ky. 70 to the Casey County High School and the one on U.S. 127 South. He said the city will probably hear something on grant applications for the Ky. 70 project in October.


The mayor said the current projects are not tied to the proposed application for Tarter and he has reason to believe the city will get funding for the Ky. 70 project.

If funds are approved for the Dunnville project, Sweeney said other businesses and residents along the way can hook on to the sewer line.

"I don't see where we lose, if any extra maintenance is taken care of by the Tarters," said Councilman Brad Vaughn.

Tarter said the gate company will pay whatever it takes for the city to break even on the project.

There was some question about whether the project can be a joint effort between the city and Casey Fiscal Court, but Sweeney said it is up to the city to run the line and maintain it.

Tarter had asked the city last week to approve the project so the grant application can be ready by the Oct. 1 deadline. The city will not hear if the grant is approved or not until October 2004.

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