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September 09, 2003

100 years ago - 1903

The East Tennessee Telephone Co. wants to improve Danville's service. Manager J.A. Harrison explained that recent problems were caused by the fact that five operators were sick at the same time, leaving the board in a crippled condition. Miss Sprague of Paris, Miss Glasscock of Parksville, Miss Lynch of Nicholasville and Miss Anderson of Junction city have taken positions on the board. The company has given the Danville office explicit instructions that subscribers must call by numbers instead of names. This is a sensible rule as no operator, especially a new one, can remember 700 names.

The Centre College of Central University opened. Students and faculty gathered in the chapel where religious services were conducted by Dr. J.V. Logan in the absence of President Roberts. The academy, under the direction of Professor L.C. Bosley, also opened. Professor Bosley's assistants will be Hugh B. Fleece and Alfred Higgins. Attendance at the academy exceeds 60, which is considerably larger.


Ben Dunn, a prominent farmer living in the Marksbury neighborhood in Garrard County, killed a large, bald eagle near Burdette's Knob on Dix River. The bird measured 7 feet and 6 inches from tip to tip. Three of the birds have been flying around the cliffs, but it was impossible to get within gunshot until a few days ago. The bird is one of the largest seen in this part of the country.

Father Knune of Indiana has been called to the pastorate of SS. Peter and Paul Catholic Church to succeed Father Kelley, who resigned. This is Father Knune's first parish.

A.E. Gibbons, who attends at the decorators' conventions, is gaining a national reputation as a wallpaper man. He has been requested to take part in a discussion at the National Decorators' Convention of American, which meets in Toronto, Canada.

75 years ago - 1928

Professor F.V. McChesney of Danville was selected as a member of state textbook commission from the 5th Appellate District. He has been active in public school work for 20 years. During travels in the interest of the Teachers' College of Bowling Green, he came to know almost all the city and county superintendents, graded school principals and many other educators.

A picture of the proposed new school in the Danville system showed a Colonial type. It will have 12 large teaching rooms, a spacious study hall, and a commodious office for the principal and superintendent. It will be three stories in height, fireproof throughout and have all the modern conveniences, such as light, ventilation and plumbing. It will be built so that two wings can be added later.

The Piggly Wiggly store has been sold to the Kroger Grocery and Baking co. of Cincinnati. The Kroger Co. owns a small store on Fourth Street. Kroger has bought 108 Piggly Wigglys at a price of $2 million. That would mean the local store brought about $20,000.

The city health officer gave a final warning to the city that weeds along the pavements and vacant lots must be cut for the sake of the community's health. The police department has been directed to issue warrants against all those who fail to cut their weeds immediately or receive a fine.

William Harmon, who operates a filling station at the intersection of Alta Avenue and the Old Wilderness Road cultivated a fine patch of watermelons near Perryville about 20 years ago. One night, he missed a big melon from his patch. It was one he prized more highly than any of the rest. A gentleman, who now lives in Illinois, sent Harmon 50 cents in payment for the melon. He said that was the only thing he had ever stolen in his life and that it had worried him so much he had decided to send the price of it.

50 years ago - 1953

Nina Frances Russell, 16, of Liberty won the Miss Kentucky Rural Electric Co-op title in the state fair beauty contest. She won over 20 other young women. Her prize is an all-expense paid trip to Miami, Fla., to compete in the national finals. Her other prizes are an electric range, a silver pitcher, a $100 gift certificate from an apparel shop to purchase an outfit, a fitted cosmetic case and an evening bag.

A total of 3,604 boys and girls are enrolled in the Danville and Boyle County schools. The city system has 1,697 and the county system has 1,806. Cafeterias will be in operation next week. Meanwhile, pupils will attend schools only in the morning. Hubert Cocanougher, superintendent of the Boyle County schools, said that the Mitchellsburg school has been closed this year with pupils going to the schools nearest to their homes. The Perryville school for blacks also closed and those students now will attend Bate. Mitchellsburg had an enrollment of 15 students last year and Perryville had an enrollment of 23.

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