Judge denies motion to drop charges against Crum

September 11, 2003|ANN R. HARNEY

HARRODSBURG - Kevin Paul Crum came to Harrodsburg Aug. 30 with an elaborate plan to kill his out-of-wedlock baby, the child's mother and anyone else in the house where they lived, Harrodsburg police say.

Not so, said Crum's attorney, who told Mercer District Judge Jeff Dotson that all he did was formulate a plan and make a list when he felt he was backed into a corner to make child support payments for his eight-month-old daughter.

Nevertheless, Dotson denied the defense motion to drop the attempted murder charges and concealed weapons charges currently on file against Crum.

Public Defender Susanne McCollough also asked for a reduction of his $496,000 bond and that motion also was denied.

Mercer County Attorney Douglas Greenburg said he still fears what Crum might do if he were released from the Boyle County Detention Center.


The case against Crum was made solely by the testimony of Harrodsburg Police Detective Sgt. Garry Bradshaw. The defendant was not present, having signed a waiver giving up his right to face his accusers.

Bradshaw said a security guard at the Corning plant in Harrodsburg saw someone get out of a vehicle, put on a bullet-proof vest and take a weapon out of the trunk of the car, and he called police. Sgt. J. T. Thomas went to the factory's parking lot and approached Crum. Crum showed him his identification card from the Champaign, Ill., police department.

He allowed a search of his vehicle which turned up three pistols and a 30-inch knife. Bradshaw said he did not know the exact location of the weapons when police found them.

The detective said they found a piece of paper in the car that listed items such as body armor and a hat, a beard and mustache, guns and a knife, dark colored clothing, money, a flashlight and wire cutters. He said Crum also had gum on his face with which to attach the disguises.

Another numbered list included the following notations: a receipt from a Champaign restaurant to prove he was there and not in Harrodsburg, park away from the house, cut windows, try to get child first and drown, otherwise kill everyone, make it look like a rape, and place pubic hairs for DNA evidence.

Bradshaw said he recognized Crum, who had applied for a job at Harrodsburg Police Department, but took a job with the Lawrenceburg police department. In June, Crum moved to Champaign, his hometown.

Crum later confessed to Harrodsburg police that he had planned the murders, but he had changed his mind as he was driving through Lawrenceburg.

Bradshaw pointed out that he continued to drive here after he changed his mind about killing the residents of 762 Maple St. McCollough said her client said on a tape of the police interview that he could not carry out the plan, that he was not a baby killer or a mass murderer.

Corning personnel said they had seen Crum here before and a check of the plant's security camera turned up shots of Crum on July 25 wearing a dark wig and beard walking away from the plant. Police believe he was making a dry run for the plan he intended to carry out later.

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