Garrard group mulls development of recreation park

September 16, 2003|PHIL PENDLETON

LANCASTER - A Garrard County group called Partners for Progress is gauging community interest in a new recreational park and center.

A public meeting will take place at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Garrard County Extension Service to gather opinions. "It's going to be a big night," said Brenda Powers, the group's vice president. "We are hoping and praying a lot of people show up."

The group, which was organized about three years ago but has been inactive because of health problems among its leadership, wants people to voice their opinions regarding more recreational activities for its young people.

Powers said she wants to hear what folks' "wishes, dreams and goals" are. "My dream is awful big," said Powers. She would like to see a recreational center built that would house basketball courts, a six-lane bowling alley and a skating rink.


A recreational park would have ballfields, batting cages, and walking trails, Powers said. "We need walking trials for people to improve their health," she said.

Three tracts of land have been mentioned to Partners for Progress members as possible locations for a park, but Powers declined to identify where they are located. Powers said she would like to see a park developed close to Lancaster, but some have talked about putting it in the northern end of the county. "Maybe we could have two parks," she said.

"It's time this community started working together, instead of (people) doing their own thing," Powers said. "It's terrible that our children have to sit at the stockyards or up town at night."

Powers said the group wants to receive some insight into grant writing and is looking for donations. "We would love to have someone donate land or $10 or $1,000."

She said the group has about $400, which was given by the Garrard County Ministerial Association. She envisions 20 to 30 acres needed to develop a park and have room to expand.

"Everybody wants to know where the money will come from and that's up to the community," she said.

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