Lincoln board votes against tax hike

September 16, 2003|EMILY BURTON

STANFORD - Gymnasium floors in the Lincoln County schools will be refinished this school year but taxpayers will not feel the bite, as voted Monday night by county Board of Education.

While improvement projects were lined up, the board members voted against a possible 4 percent or nickel raise in property taxes. The school tax will remain at 38 cents per $100 of personal and general property, the same as last year.

"I know what is best for the school system, but I also know how that effects people," said board member Jim Kelly. "People are getting laid off every day."

As reported by Tom Campbell, finance officer, Lincoln County schools collected $2,223,642 in taxes last year, or 94 percent of those owed.


Had they voted on the possible 4 percent increase, an additional $73,134 in revenue would have been drawn.

It's been a while since the gymnasium floors have been refinished.

"It's probably been eight to ten years since they've been finished, said P.D. Roller, director of buildings and grounds. "They get real rough, which can lead to splinters."

The gym floor plan was one among a list of several prioritized maintenance projects submitted to council members last night, who approved the list.

Three bids had been submitted for the gym projects and one more bid was expected.

Roller estimated the high school gym to cost $10,000, and the remaining nine schools' gyms to total close to that amount.

"The high school's (gym) has to be stripped, taken back down and refinished because it hasn't been done before," said Roller. "We probably won't be ready for fall break, but probably for Christmas break."

Roller added that he had visited many of the schools' parking lots and noticed that several needed to be refurbished.

McKinney Elementary also will be receiving board attention in the form of a face lift. Two broken sign letters on the front of the building will be replaced, as well as the plywood covering on windows.

"You don't need plywood in the windows, it looks pretty bad," said board chairman Tom Blankenship.

In addition to floors and face lifts, the maintenance plan also calls for the cleaning of school chimneys. A total of five needs swept, said Roller.

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