Blame empty seats on Barnhart

September 16, 2003

Dear Editor:

Larry Vaught's article about about Mitch Barnhart got a bit under my skin, and I feel that I can clear up a couple of important facts for you.

First, Guy Morriss did not leave UK for Baylor just for big bucks. He left because Mitch Barnhart would not make him a viable offer to stay and, furthermore, told Guy that he couldn't compete with the folks in Waco. That let Guy know that he was not going to be coaching at UK in the future. Guy would have stayed for a mere pittance because he and his family loved Kentucky and UK.

Secondly, Guy and Jackie did all of the things that Mitch Barnhart does and more, yet they never sought any publicity for one thing.


I was in a coma a large part of last summer and Guy and Jackie came to see me before I lapsed into the coma and after. They never sought any attention for that.

They are wonderful people who genuinely gave of themselves to the fullest and deserve more than Mitch Barnhart gave them while they were here at UK.

I know that Baylor will treat them both with the respect and honor they deserve.

At Commonwealth Stadium in Lexington, there are two empty seats on the 50 yard line this season. Maybe they will remain empty for the rest of our lives. We are still thinking about that. And Mitch Barnhart deserves the credit for those empty seats by pushing the Morrisses out of Lexington.

You may give him honor and credit for a lot of things, and maybe he deserves some, but what about the initial misrepresentation of his new coach? That was just too important for an honest fellow to keep to himself and not to report the smallest indiscretion to President Todd and the school.

Rosemary Hughes


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