Drug dogs search LCHS, find nothing

September 19, 2003|EMILY BURTON

STANFORD - Drug dogs swept the halls and parking lot of Lincoln County High School Tuesday morning as students waited in classrooms, their book bags and wallets placed in the hall.

A state police K-9 unit did the search using two specially trained golden retrievers.

Head Principal Ty Howard said the school went into code blue during the sweep, a security measure that kept students in classrooms and teachers monitoring the hallways as the dogs sniffed lockers and book bags. The search took almost an hour.

"They hit on some things, but who knows what it was," said Howard. "We didn't find anything, thank goodness."

Howard said the dogs could have been indicating the presence of drugs after smelling drug residue on clothing.

While some people envision drug dogs as terse German shepherds, Howard said the golden labs used in the sweep were non-threatening and friendly.

"They were super; they were so docile. You could go up and pet them," he said.


School officials had been requesting a drug sweep for almost three years prior to Tuesday's visit.

After seeing the team in action, Howard said he thought every school should make use of the drug dogs' highly-sensitive noses to curb its drug problems.

"I encourage every school in the area to do this," said Howard. "I'd like to (search) everybody here, even teachers and staff ... so that the kids and public know we're not singling students out."

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